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What it would be like to run for NYC mayor: two old police dishes


As the campaign draws to a close, Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn talk about what the 2021 candidates are doing and feeling. And Spectrum Political Chief Bob Hard will speak in preparation for the first official democratic debate.

NYC Council

Former Superintendent Bill Thompson and former Council Speaker Christine Quinn

A quarter of a century has passed since the city’s campaign finance law was amended, forcing public fundraisers to take part in televised debates. Thursday night’s Democratic mayoral debate on the campaign finance board will see the biggest field ever, with eight candidates sharing their focus.

“Creating an imaginary debate is fun and beautiful. The challenge for me is not the technology but the number of candidates, ”Bob Hardt, political director of NY1 Spain, told WBAI. Max and Murphy Show Wednesday. (Spectrum NY1 Main TV broadcaster For the debate; NY1 Noticias, NYC gov TV, NY1.com, and WNYC 93.9FM / 820AM also plays).

“I don’t want this to be an open mic night for these eight candidates,” Hardt told the editorial board. We want to get them right. Ideally, they are all very similar, but there are real differences. That argument shows that what is the difference? ”

In particular, we want to hear: what are they doing to rehabilitate New York City, what do they like about the legacy of De Blancio, and what do they want to change? ”

It’s a debate on Thursday night between three candidates running for mayor of the Democratic Republic. Thirteen candidates are in the first round of voting in June, with only eight – raising more than $ 182,150 over the 2021 threshold – eligible for Thursday’s debate, and a second. June 2: Eric Adams, Shaun Donovan, Katherine Garcia, Ray McGuire, Diane, Morales, Scott Strinner, Andrew Young and Maya Willie will be on stage.

New York City’s last mayoral election In the first debate in 2013, there were seven Democratic candidates. In the second debate, five hopefuls were present. Among those who turned out for the two evenings were then Speaker of the House Christine Quinn and former Democratic nominee Bill Thomson.

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