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what should I eat?! Keto Version: Precise Nutrition


“What Can I Eat on the Keto Diet?”

When you almost eliminate an entire macronutrient—in the case of keto, it’s carbohydrates—getting the right balance of nutrition becomes a little more challenging.

People interested in trying keto often wonder:

  • Can I still eat vegetables? if so, which ones?
  • fruit is completely restricted?
  • What about foods that contain small amounts of carbohydrates, such as cheese?
  • Is Bacon Protein or Fat?
  • Is butter healthy?

That’s why we have made this easy keto food list.

Warning: You may notice that this infographic is a little different from other keto guides you may have visited.

We’re not going to tell you that some foods are completely off-limits. Instead, we’ve sorted foods commonly thought of as “no-nos” on the keto diet into “eat less” buckets.

By thinking about foods on a continuum from “eat more” to “eat less,” you’ll be able to follow the keto diet and still include a variety of nutritious foods. (However, with a severely restrictive diet like keto, we always recommend working with a physician, especially if you plan to follow the diet for a long time.)

Use our continuum to make keto meal choices that are “just a little better,” whether you’re browsing the aisles of the grocery store, cooking homemade food, or ordering from menus.

Plus, learn how to:

  • Include a mix of keto-friendly proteins, vegetables, and fats to make a nutritious meal.
  • Make strategic improvements to your food choices—based on what you eat now—to feel, move, and look better.
  • Customize your intake to your personal lifestyle, goals and (of course) taste buds.

As a bonus, we’ve provided space to build your personal keto food list on a continuum. That way, you can create a delicious menu that’s just right for you—no headaches required.

(and if you want a Free Keto Diet Nutrition Plan Which instantly gives you the amount of calories, protein, carbs and fat you need to achieve your goals, see check accurate nutrition calculator.)

Download this infographic for your tablet or Printer And use the step-by-step process to decide which foods match your (or your customers’) keto goals.

download tablet or printer version Use this infographic to find your personal keto food list (or, if you’re a coach, to help your clients do the same).


If you are a coach or want to be…

Learning to coach clients, patients, friends or family members through healthy eating and lifestyle changes – in a way that is personalized to their unique bodies, preferences and circumstances – is both an art and a science.

If you want to know more about both, consider this Accurate Nutrition Level 1 Certification. The next group starts soon.

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