What were the most popular sports to bet on in the UK in 2021?

Sports betting and gambling have been popular pastimes for many punters in the United Kingdom over a very long period, with the activity dating back centuries.

Today, it has become a multi-billion-pound industry and one that has shown that it is yet to reach its ceiling in regard to where it can go and the levels it could reach, especially as technology has continued to evolve and provide innovative features. Included in these are bonuses, with websites being created that can provide punters with all of the very best UK free bet promotions that they can look to take advantage of.

But, which sports are the most popular to bet on in the UK?

Football takes the top spot

Unsurprisingly, and something many would have been able to take a shot at in the dark if they were to make a guess, football is the most popular sport to bet on in the UK and continued to be so in 2021.

The game is the biggest in the country and has been for a number of years, especially as many associates the Premier League as being the best football league in the world as some of the biggest clubs and best players to have ever played the game continue to compete in it. Moreover, England, Scotland and Wales’ performances in the UEFA European Championships will have had fans backing their teams in their droves, as well.

When trying to answer why football is so popular for sports bettors, though, it is easy to understand the answer. A plethora of different betting markets are available for almost every single outcome that can happen in a match or over an entire season, thus providing a number of different opportunities and keeping gamblers as engaged as possible for a period of time compared to other sports.

Horse racing is extremely popular

When thinking of traditions within the UK and gambling, horse racing is a sporting event that has continued to remain at the very top of the list and 2021 will have seen it continue to remain at the top.

There are a number of different meets each and every single day, whilst there are a number of large festivals such as the Grand National and the Cheltenham Festival that continue to attract millions, with a large portion of viewers placing a bet on the winner of the race.

Additionally, tennis has also proven to be an incredibly popular sport in which punters in the UK continue to place wagers in their numbers. Indeed, the numbers will have only likely increased further throughout 2021 as British tennis had enjoyed a rather brilliant year, with Emma Radacanu’s US Open win being one of the biggest highlights as many will have backed her the further she got into the competition.


Unsurprisingly, football and horse racing continues to remain the most popular sports for gamblers in the UK to place a bet on and 2021 would have certainly have ensured that they remained at the top of the list once again.

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