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What would the origination challenge of an all-time indigenous state look like?


With the Indigenous era of 2021 right behind us, and Game 1 of Genesis of 2021 now tantalizingly close, what better time to contemplate what the challenge of an all-time Indigenous state will look like.

The two teams here are made up of Australian Indigenous players who originally represented their states.

1. Matt Bowen (ten originals and two Tests): One of the most exciting breakaway runners ever, and a prolific effort scorer.

2. Dale Shearer (27 Origins and 21 Tests): A complete footballer, and versatile enough to play in every position in the Queensland back line except halfback.

3. Justin Hodges (24 Origins and 13 Tests): Played every Origin game as if it was an individual grudge match, and it often happened.

4. Steve Renoff (11 Origins and 11 Tests): A silky smooth and elusive ball runner with too much speed for most opponents.

5. Dane Gagai (16 origins and seven Tests so far): A brilliant trying scorer and tough competitor who delivers his best for the maroon jersey.

(Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

6. Greg Inglis (32 Origins and 39 Tests): NSW Inglis played fullback, center and wing for Queensland and dominated his opponents on the field almost every time.

7. Jonathan Thurston (37 Origins and 38 Tests): The most outstanding indigenous player to reach the original stage, and he ended his original career with a ridiculous 65 percent win ratio.

8. Arthur Beatson (captain) (one original and 29 Tests): Rugby league immortal. Only one original played the role but that was enough to ensure the success of interstate fighting forever. Without Peer as Front Rover and Leader.

9. Scott Prince (Five Origins and Four Tests): Better known as a shrewd halfback, but has the ability to fill dummy halfs to capacity.

10. Sam Backo (Seven Origins and Six Tests): A passionate player who never took a step backwards on the field and had a knack for trying.

11. Sam Thieday (29 Origins and 34 Tests): One of the best Queensland forwards of the modern era, who took pleasure in the original fight.

12. David Fifita (Three Origins so far): A talented attacking player who is almost impossible to stop when he sets his mind. Destined to become a Queensland native legend.

13. Gordon Tallis (17 Origins and 13 Tests): An aggressive player for the full 80 minutes who loved to dominate the opposition with the ball in hand and his devastating defense.

new South Wales
1. David Peachy (a native): A prolific, naturally gifted athlete who loved nothing better than to drive the ball deep into his field. A brilliant effort scorer in the NRL.

2. Josh Edo-Carr (nine originals and two Tests so far): Currently the number one winger in the game. A speed machine and prolific effort scorer at all levels of the game.

3. Steve Ella (seven origins and five Tests): Ella was a prolific attacking player with lightning acceleration that often undermined the defense in his wake.

4. Latrell Mitchell (four Origins and four Tests so far): A dangerous attacking weapon who knows how to keep his winger clean. Mitchell is hard to stop, and delights in strong defensive plays of his own.

Latrelle Mitchell

(Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

5. John Ferguson (Eight Origins and Three Tests): There are very few wingers to play the game who can claim to be better than Ferguson. Sharp, elusive and a prolific effort scorer.

6. Cliff Lyon (six originals and six Tests): One of the best five-eighths to play the game. Lyons had guessed the opposition for more than 15 years and their attempted aid count is off the scale.

7. Adam Reynolds (two origins so far): The soon-to-depart South legend, who knows how to get his team around, and is one of the best goal kickers in the NRL.

8. Tom Laroyd-Lahrs (Four Originals and Four Tests): A big, hard-wielding weapon that loved contact, and never backed down.

9. Nathan Peetes (three originals): A very good dummy half at his peak and one of the best defenders in the game.

10. Andrew Fifita (ten Origins and 15 Tests so far): Fifita was made for Origin’s rough and tumble and when he was in the mood, there was no more impressive player on the field.

11. Wade Graham (six origins and eight Tests so far): A tough and shrewd forward blessed with ball skills and the kicking game of the halfback as well.

12. Greg Bird (18 Origins and 17 Tests): A devastating player in every sense, who was equally in the back row or five-eighths at home. A very intimidating NSW player.

13. Laurie Daly (Captain) (23 Originals and 21 Tests): A Canberra legend and one of the greats of the 1990s. Daly had everything – speed, power, footwork, skill and passion. One of NSW’s greatest original players.

Unfortunately, this game will only be played on paper, so who will win?

Statistics show that the Queensland team has twice the number of original games under its belt. And how many NSW squads will replace their Queensland counterparts?

Perhaps only Daly to lock in Tallis’s place, Tallis moved to the second row instead of David Fifita.

So it sounds like a victory for Queensland to me. what do you think

One thing is certain, it will be a great game, and neither side will die in surprise with the ball in their hands.

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