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WhatsApp supports threat to lobotomize messenger for refuseniks amid push for firmware update – RT World News


The company said that WhatsApp functionality will not be limited to users who do not accept the controversial new messaging rules. The change in the rules, which benefits Facebook from making money from its owner, sparked a global outcry.

The updated rules were first announced in January and went into effect on May 15. This allows Facebook’s parent company WhatsApp to use the data collected through the messenger app for use on other operating systems such as its social network or Instagram. Facebook’s business model is to index users and target them with relevant ads by paying customers.

Users who continued to use WhatsApp without accepting the new rules face to face A persistent message that does this or is increasingly limited in performance. At first their access to the chat list is blocked and later they can not accept the call and message at all, and this program is completely useless.

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Arm twisting tactics added to the anger of many people about Facebook pushing to make more profit from the popular operating system purchased in 2014. On Friday, WhatsApp changed its mind and will no longer threaten to lobby the app for rejected people.

“We do not currently have a plan to maintain these reminders and limit the performance of the program.” A help page that now explains the rules update He says. WhatsApp does this: “Most users who have seen the update have accepted it.”

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Following the announcement of the new rules, the report was about the mass exodus of the privacy sector from its two billion strong users to alternative operating systems such as Signal and Telegram.

However, due to legal constraints, this change cannot be presented globally. In Germany and Turkey, authorities prevented updates due to violations of local laws. German court said WhatsApp violated personal data privacy rules, while in Turkey, an update was flagged by a local competition regulator, which said This gave Facebook unnecessary power in the market.

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