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Unlike Christmas (despite many decorations already), Disney Plus Day is here, which means we fans do not have to pay for the Premier access for the Jungle Cruise Movie and various other titles. Jungle Cruise is on Disney Plus, ready for your movie night.

We’ll tell you how you can stream Jungle Cruise on Disney Plus for free with a subscription, and whatever the movie is (do not worry, there are no spoilers). If you do not yet have a subscription to the streaming service, you can get your first month now for just $ 2.

the jungle cruise movie


The Jungle Cruise film based on the Disneyland Ride of the same title. Dwayne Johnson portrays a boat skipper named Frank. He takes Emily Blunt’s character Lily and her brother McGregor on a journey to find a tree that has magical healing powers. McGregor is portrayed by British stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall, who we also date Good sign point to Amazon Prime.

In their journey, the characters are confronted by wild animals and compete against a rival German expedition. Disney added that there is a “supernatural element” that fans can look forward to. One month before that Jungle Cruise Movie release, Disney launches two trailers, both of which have made their own character the star of the movie.

the jungle cruise movie

Disney’s Ride

None of us can be surprised that Disney is going with another ride-based movie, following the success of its Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Franchise. But the Jungle Cruise is even older than the Pirate Ride. It was the only attraction present at Adventureland on Disney’s opening day in 1955.

The Jungle Cruise attraction gives people a boat ride through a man-made jungle, with all the tours being led by a skipper who follows a pun-filled script. On the boat, you will pass crocodiles, monkeys, elephants, piranhas, cannibals, rhinos, hippos, and the iconic BackSide of Water, the eighth wonder of the world.

While preparing for the film, Johnson posted on Instagram, Disney’s Imagineers showed him the original Jungle Cruise “concept art from the 1950s”. They also gave him an “oral / visual history lesson behind the iconic ride and his infamous and tirelessly enthusiastic skipper.”

the jungle cruise movie

The ride had to be re-examined on both Disneyland & Disney World to record new scenes and get rid of the long-standing racist insensitive images. It reopened at Disneyland on July 16th. The ride will be among those whose story will be revealed in the Disney Plus documentary series Behind the attraction.

the jungle cruise movie

How to watch for free

Of course you feel like watching Jungle Cruise Movies for free! You can start streaming it on Disney Plus for free if you are a subscriber to the service. But what happens when Disney Plus Day is over?

Jungle Cruise along with several other new films, including Shang-Chi an den Alone at home Restart, will continue to be free for fans as long as they have a subscription. Disney Plus usually charges people an additional $ 30 for Premier Access when a new movie is released, in addition to their monthly subscription fee.

If you already have a Disney Plus account, just use the search bar to check it out Jungle Cruise Movie and then tap on Play. Chances are, you see the movie being promoted on the homepage of the streaming platform. If you are not a subscriber, you have to choose from several options.

the jungle cruise movie

You can choose the month-to-month Disney Plus subscription which is $ 2 for the first month and $ 8 per month thereafter. There is the annual Disney Plus Subscription that is $ 80 per year. You can also choose the Disney Plus / Hulu / ESPN Plus bundle for $ 14 per month. It usually costs $ 21 to get the Triple Shot. Ordering them as a bundle saves you $ 7 a month.


Have you seen the new ones? Jungle Cruise after film? Share your favorite moments in the comments below!