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Where to Buy Red & Black PS5 Controllers in the UK & US


There are many PS5 fans – including this writer – who suspect Sony is working on multiple color options for the next gen console. We haven’t seen any other color options for the PS5 itself, but Sony has taken the first steps with the new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red editions of the DualSense controller.

Revealed in PlayStation blog, the new controllers are said to have been inspired by the galaxy, with the Cosmic Red controller reflecting the colors of red found “throughout the cosmos” while the ending of Midnight Black reflects “how we view space in the sky at night”. Yeah, we’re a little unsure either…

Whatever the inspiration, the new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red PS5 DualSense sets are set to release in June, and we’ve listed anywhere currently offering pre-orders in the UK and US right here.

When will the red and black PS5 Controllers be released?

Sony has confirmed that both the Midnight Black and Cosmic Red editions of the PS5 DualSense controller will be released in June, but it’s a staggered release with the first US acquisition.

New variations of the DualSense controller are set to release in the US on 11 June 2021, while those in the UK will have to wait until 18 June 2021 to pick them up.

Where can I pre-order red and black PS5 Controllers in the US?

Despite not being released until June, Sony – and third -party retailers – began offering pre -orders for the new Midnight Black and Cosmic Red DualSense controllers, and rather not surprisingly, started that it will sell.

If you are in the US, you can head directly to Sony Directly by PS online storefront and pre-ordering Midnight Black edition at a cost of $ 69.99 while the Cosmic Red edition worth a little extra at $ 74.99. Both editions are currently in stock, with shipping expected to match the release.

If you’d rather go elsewhere, it’s also available for pre-ordering on Amazon at the same price, but the Different types of Midnight Black is now available – the Cosmic Red controller apparently sold out within hours of the live listing.

There are currently no other retailers that offer pre-ordering of new controllers in the US, but we will update this section as we learn more.

Where can I pre-order red and black PS5 Controllers in the UK?

As in the US, there are a small number of retailers that offer pre-orders of new DualSense Controllers in the UK.

GAME currently has pre-ordered stock of Midnight Black DualSense controller, and it will return you to £ 59.99, while the Cosmic Red DualSense controller has a slightly higher premium at £ 64.99.

Box also offers Midnight Black at Cosmic Red Controllers for the same price.

The new DualSense controls have also made an appearance on Amazon in the UK, but the same Midnight Black at Cosmic Red Controllers is marked as ‘Currently unavailable’ with no release or pre-order information available right now.

It could be placeholders for launch in June, or Amazon could offer pre-orders for UK customers-we’ll be keeping an eye on the retailer in the coming days and we’ll update this section on once you know more.

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