Which restaurants are open on Thanksgiving?

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If you burn the turkey, no worries, these plants have you covered.

TAMPA, Florida – Cooking an entire meal for several people can be a daunting task, especially on a vacation where you want to relax. So if you are not keen on spending hours over the stove, or if you dropped the turkey this year, these restaurants and fast food chains are open for a bite to eat.

Opening hours for these restaurants will vary, and some locations may not be open. Call before you go out the door. Here is what is open:

Applebee’s: Selected restaurants will be open. Those who are open serve a special weekend menu. You can find more information about the place closest to you here.

Bob Evans: Restaurants will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Bob Evans will be open from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and will have a special Thanksgiving weekend meal. Read more here.

Burger King: If you’re hungry for a Whopper, Burger King’s selected locations will be open. Find a deal here.

Cracker Barrel: Restaurants will have regular opening hours and serve a traditional Thanksgiving meal from 11. Find a place here.

Dennys: Want Thanksgiving to be a Grand Slam? Go over to Denny’s where choose places will be open.

Dominos: Most places in the Tampa Bay area are closed today, but there are some that serve hot pizzas. Find more here.

TOGETHER: Breakfast for Thanksgiving dinner? If pancakes are your thing, choose places will be open on Thanksgiving.

Krispy Kreme: The “Hot Now” sign remains on Krispy Kreme, with several locations open around the Tampa Bay area. They also have Thanksgiving-themed donuts for a fun dessert (or breakfast if that’s your style). Find a place here.

McDonalds: McDonald’s will be open on Thanksgiving, but opening hours may vary at selected locations. Find more here.

Pappa Johns: Whether you want a hot pizza or one to take home and bake, Papa John’s will be open. Find a deal here.

Popeyes: This year, the restaurant took back its popular cajun turkey. You will not be able to get them on Thanksgiving Day because a pre-order was required, but you can still pick up items from their regular menu. Find a place here.

Smokey Bones: The chain will be open on Thanksgiving and will serve its regular menu from 11:00 to 20:00. You can find a restaurant here.

Starbucks: Do you need a small pick-up in the middle of the day? You can take your caffeine on select places on Thanksgiving.

Steak A Shake: If you want a classic burger and shake, Steak ‘N Shake will have selected locations open. Find more here.

Subway: If you’re looking for something a little different, Subway will have some stores open. They also serve chopped turkey for a Thanksgiving experience. Find a deal here.

The waffle house: Are we even surprised? Yes, Waffle House is open as usual. Find a place here.

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