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Which Summer Tasks Should You Do Yourself?


Some things you DIY. Some things you don’t. Here’s which one.

May 06, 2021 |
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As the summer season approaches, you need to do more than just pull out the lightweight bed linens. there are also various home work To care, but the question is, what should you do yourself – that saves money and achieves a sense of self-satisfaction? And what you should pay someone else to do (saving time, and making sure the hard work gets done right)

We have some home maintenance tips for you. Here, a list of essential summer tasks, broken down into two categories: those you can DIY safely, and those you should leave to the pros.

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do it Yourself

Whether your home repair skills exceed those of Bob Villa or Tim “The Toolman” Taylor, these are jobs you can probably handle yourself (with the occasional help from YouTube). Below are our top home maintenance tips for jobs you can tackle yourself.

clean your gutters

in winterYour gutters can collect leaves, mud, and other things that clog them, creating mosquitoes and making them prone to leaks. (After all, when the downspout makes its way back into your gutters, the water still wants to go somewhere.) All you need is a sturdy ladder and some rubber gloves to clean your gutters. As a homeowner, you can easily prevent overflowing gutters or clogged gutters by removing any leaves or debris.

clean or replace your air conditioner filter

Maintaining a complete HVAC system can be difficult (see below), but dealing with the air filter on a standard A/C unit is straightforward. (And important – a dirty air filter is an inefficient filter, which means the air in your home won’t be as clean or cold as you want it to be.) Detailed instructions for removal and cleaning (or, if necessary, replacing) ) ) an A/C filter can be found here, but if you can maintain a vacuum cleaner, it will not be difficult.

Clean and refinish your deck and patio

A great maintenance tip for a homeowner is to spruce up the exterior. Not only is it easy, but it will give your home a fresh and new look. You should do it yourself because it’s easy, it can be fun, and your kids can join in too if they’re old enough to hold a paintbrush and wear a mask. (You know, a skill we’ve learned over the past year.)

The fun comes when you borrow a pressure washer to clean your wood or concrete surfaces – feel the power! (And do the driveway while you’re at it.) The easy part is to apply a coat of paint or varnish to a flat surface that you can reach without a ladder. That’s where kids get in: You can apply Varnish as a family, which will make everyone proud when they spend the next few months socializing outside.

Get rid of weeds and plant in the garden

Clearing out overgrown weeds can really add so much beauty to your home’s exterior. This is another easy, family-friendly activity. This easy spring cleaning maintenance tip can be done in a single afternoon and will really increase your curb appeal. Involve the kids: Rubber gloves come in all sizes, and your little one can reach the little weeds in the driveway without hurting their knees, which may not be true for everyone in the family. Planting things together is a great way to get your kids excited about nature and to give them a routine that won’t feel like a project.

cut down your trees

There are many reasons to cut down your trees. They look better. Removing dead or diseased branches is good for the health of the tree. Removing the said branches is also good for your health, if there is a danger they can fall on your home during peak weather. Everything you wanted to know about tree cutting can be found Here.

Invest in a good ladder and some non-expensive tools like a moderately sized chainsaw or aw Japanese-style extendable handheld saw, and you will never need to pay someone to do it for you. That said, if you’re seeing branches that extend beyond the bounds of said ladder or you really need to climb a tree, call the pros. When kids fall from trees and hurt themselves we think they are courageous. When adults do this, we think they are making the wrong decision.

Deep Clean Your Grill

If your grill isn’t too dirty right now, it means you either didn’t use it last year or you just bought a new one. For everyone else, it’s time to give that thing a good scrubbing. You should do it yourself for two reasons: 1. When you deeply clean your grill, you are formally acknowledging and celebrating the coming of summer; 2. It’s not that hard. Instructions for cleaning different types of grills can be found at Here. Your grill maker may have its own ideas, but if you have hot water, detergent, and something to scrub, you don’t need guidance, just some elbow grease.

hire a professional

No one who says “nothing at risk, nothing gained,” hasn’t sent themselves to the ER trying to get in and out of crawl space in an unfortunate attempt to repair their air conditioner. Used to be. Here are some tasks, including seasonal A/C maintenance and roof repair, that are best left to the professionals.

Check and repair your roof shingles, siding, doors and/or windows

Depending on where you live, winter can be hell on the exterior of your home. Small holes, brittle caulk and chipped paint are just some of the problems that can crop up in the spring. If the exterior of your home is in need of roof repair, hire a professional to handle the job.

Why Hire a Pro?: Depending on the level of work you do, you can check and repair it all yourself, using your sturdy ladder to take it from the gutter to the roof. But roof creep is a great way for an accident to happen, and if you find something that needs fixing or spruce up, a professional is likely to do a better job. If you’ve ever made your own bathtub stop, you’ll know how difficult it can be to make a simple, really cool look when you’re done. The money you’ll spend on having someone properly fix your roof shingles is far less than what you would spend dealing with leaks and mold, which at least comes from doing the right thing. In addition, many home insurance Policies cover roof repairs, so be sure to check if you can actually “hire” a pro for free.

Clean and service your HVAC system

If your air conditioning or heating system isn’t operating at peak performance, your bills will be higher and so will your home temperature. It’s best to have it cleaned and serviced once a year, and now (when it’s warm but not yet tropical) is the time to do it.

Why Hire a Pro?Fixing your cooling and heating system is a daunting task. (Your HVAC prevents guns from entering your home, so take a guess at where the gun ends.) And it’s easy to damage the condenser fins if you’re not experienced.

clean your fireplace

Sure, your kids think you only need your fireplace once a year (for Santa to slide downstairs with all his booty). But to their surprise (and, perhaps, yours), you’ll want to clean it now, because when you start using it again, you’ll need to clean your chimney from the fall, and that’s all. Better when the weather is hot and you don’t really need to use it.

Why Hire a Pro?: It should be obvious, no? Chimneys are dirty, dangerous, and it’s hard to know when a dark, sooty spot is really clean. Leave the job of cleaning this summer to the professionals.

exit lawn mower

Got a manageable lawn and your own mower? Sure, trim the grass yourself. But if your lawn is large enough to require a day of your time, or the rental of a vehicle-sized lawn mower, that means you should hire someone to do it. , not least because that person would also dispose of the enormous amount of grass cutting that would be generated, which is a task in itself.

And hey, if your lawn is of modest size, remember that time is money. You can pay a small amount to have someone cut the grass faster than ever, leaving your weekend afternoons for more important things, like firing up a freshly cleaned grill.

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