May 6, 2021


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Who are the sponsors of the DC franchise? 100 best sports news

Today we discuss DC franchise sponsors in IPL 2021 under various roles. DC or Delhi Capitals It is a franchise based career Delhi, One of the founding members of the league Competition Which started as Delhi Daredevils. Neither the Delhi Capitals nor the Delhi Daredevils won the championship title. Franchising has been a business in progress since 2018 when they had a change of management and name; They finished second in the 2020 edition of the Indian Premier League. Here are our DC franchise sponsors for the 2021 IPL season:

DC franchise sponsors:

# a company Role
1 JSW Group The main partner
2 EbixCash The main partner
3 Geo The main partner
4 Apollo steel tubes The main partner
5 Aku Associate partner
6 Cornetus Associate partner
7 GMR Aerocity Associate partner
8 Colgate Associate partner
9 has evolved Associate partner
10 Nissen Associate partner
11 Octavex Associate partner
12 wrong Associate partner
13 Dream 11 Associate partner
14 the phone Associate partner
15th Mix Takatak Associate partner
16 Western Digital partner
17 JGI partner
18 BKT partner
19 Optimum Nutrition partner
20 LG OLED partner
21 Maxerich partner
22 A big piece partner
23 Boat partner
24 Box partner
25 FanCode Store partner
26 Fever FM partner

Team owner

The Delhi concession is owned by JSW GMR Cricket Private Limited, which is a joint venture between JSW, the Indian multinational conglomerate and GMR Groups, an Indian infrastructure company. The following are the sponsors of the DC franchise:


Digital Cash is owned by Robin Raina EbixCash she is one from The main partners Franchise. There is the EbixCash logo on the back of the player’s shirt (T-shirt).

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The Indian multinational conglomerate operating in the steel, energy, cement, infrastructure, enterprise, paints and sports sectors, JSW, is at the forefront of the team’s jersey. JSW also handles the day to day operations of the team.

Apollo steel tubes

The Outfit Box logo based on Arun Jaitley Stadium is sponsored by manufacturers of branded steel products, APL Apollo steel tubes. Ashok Gupta’s proprietary steel products is one of the famous steel pipe brands in India. He is among the sponsors of DC Franchise.

Evolot and Nissin

Vinuthna Gorripati founded the health and fitness platform and founded Momofuku Ando, ​​a Japanese food company among the affiliated partners of the franchise. The logos of these two brands are on the team’s jersey pants.

Active wrong

The Virat Kohli Wrogn, the jointly owned clothing and accessories manufacturers, is the group’s official partners for Indian Antiquities City Team based. Among the sponsors of the DC franchise.

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The Varun Dua owns a public insurance company for the private sector In the country, ACKO, is another co-partner of Delhi Capitals, The Ricky Ponting Coach side. The logo of this company appears on the hats and helmets.

Cornitos, GMR Aerocity, and JIO

The logo on the sleeves is sponsored by the nation’s largest telecom company at JIO Communications, the nachos brand Cornitos, and the GMR Group real estate brand, GMR Aerocity, and these three also participate in this team.

These are the sponsors of the DC franchise in the IPL 2021. Hope you like the content; Don’t forget to write us your thoughts and questions as comments. Stay safe and healthy, #YehHaiNayiDilli and keep watching IPL!