Who bought the Avengers Tower? Hawkeye fans have questions

the Marvel Hawkeye TV Series is now streaming on Disney +, and the show has many Marvel fans asking about a major new development in the Marvel Cinematic Universe: who buys Avengers Tower? The first two episodes of Hawkeye make the Avengers Tower an important landmark in the life of the young Kate Bishop (Hailee Steinfeld) – one who is revisited in the modern status quo of the MCU. Avengers Tower was, of course, sold during the events of Spider-Man: Homecoming, and Marvel fans have been speculating and theorizing how crazy about who the new owner of the tower is.

Well, Hawkeye keeps telling Marvel fans about the new tenants of the Avengers Tower – but they certainly have some theories to share on social media:

ALL Theories

Seriously, there are Marvel fans out there and a few deep Rabbit laughs, trying to bring together all the clues from MCU movies, TV shows, viral marketing and merchandising that point them to the discovery of who now holds the lease Avengers Tower.

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Everything in our minds …

Some Marvel fans have been playing this question on an endless loop in their heads – and the music will not stop until they get their answer.

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Answer the question !!!

Seriously … how long can does that continue ??? How long can Marvel avoid the (literally) biggest question that hangs over its Phase 4 playground ???

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Too good for F4

Some Hardcore Fantastic Four fans are instantly insulted on the notion that the F4 would ever be seen in the Avengers’ old Hangout squat.

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We have similar theories that the The MCU’s new big evil has secretly pulled strings, all along.

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