Who can still win the world snowshoe championship?

The gripping final of the 2019 World Cup season is likely to sit fresh in the memory of race fans around the world as both series were decided in the final race of the season. The years-long battle between Tracey Hannah and Marine Cabirou culminated in Cabriou taking the win, but Hannah took the title, while Danny Hart’s heroic victory in the men was enough to separate Loic Bruni from Amaury Pierron by 40 points. It was one of the biggest downhill World Cup weekends in history and we could wait for a similar nail-biting match 2 years later.
In the men’s series, Thibaut Daprela has a healthy lead, but a resurgent Loris Vergier will chase him with his hand over his hand, while Myriam Nicole is the favorite for the women’s title, but Camille Balanche will be ready to make any mistakes for her own claim to the crown.

How does the points system work in Snowshoe?

With two World Cups in a week and 450 points still awarded, things can quickly change in Snowshoe this weekend. The first race works as usual with up to 50 points already given for qualification and another 200 are offered later today for the race. For the season final, however, there are no points for qualification, but the totals are combined on race day, which means we could see a turn of 250 points on an afternoon of racing.

Who can still win the titles?

Mathematically, many racers are still in conflict with the overall titles. In the men’s series there are 10 riders within 450 points from the top position, and in the women’s series there are six women still running for the title. For Eleonora Farina or Amaury Pierron to win overall, however, they would probably need everyone above them for DNF in both races, so it’s more likely to get down to two or three main characters in each series. This is what the series looks like after qualifying yesterday:

Elite men
Thibaut Daprela – 752
Loris Vergier – 566
Loic Bruni – 467
Laurie Greenland – 433
Danny Hart – 409
Troy Brosnan – 386
Greg loves – 384
Benoit Coulanges – 372
Reece Wilson – 329
Amaury Pierron – 327

Elite women
Myriam Nicole – 860
Camille Balanche – 735
Tahnee Seagrave – 676
Vali Holl – 675
Monika Hrastnik – 527
Eleonora Farina – 481

How can the overall titles be decided?

Elite men

Thibaut Daprela needs only 265 points across the two races, e.g. A third and a fifth, to make it mathematically impossible for Vergier to take the title, regardless of other results. He also wins automatically if he wins Saturday’s race.

Daprela could also secure the title today and we think the most likely ways for him to do this are – if he wins today and Vergier finishes in fourth or worse if he finishes in second place and Vergier finishes in sixth or worse, or if he finishes in third place and Vergier finishes 10th or worse. If Vergier DNFs, Daprela will have to finish 12th or better to take the title.

For Vergier, his goal is to score 187 points more than Daprela over the next two races, but no matter what he does, he will still depend on Daprela’s results to claim the title. The best case for Vergier is to score a full 450 points and hope that Daprela does not hit the 265 number he needs to secure the title.

Loic Bruni has an outside chance to take the title, but he should win both races and get Daprela to score less than 165 points to win.

Elite women

At one point this season, there was a dead heat between Balanche and Nicole in overalls, but Myriam’s back-to-back victories have set her up as the favorite to take the title this weekend. The race is closer than in the men’s area with only 125 points separating the two women and Tahnee Seagrave and Vali Holl also within 200 points of the lead.

Myriam Nicole must score 326 points over the two races to secure the title without relying on Balanche’s results – she could, for example, do this with another in today’s race and a third in Saturday’s. The only way she can secure the title today is if she wins and Balanche finishes outside the top eight, and Seagrave and Holl both finish worse than sixth, then basically the women’s race is likely to go down to the big showdown on Saturday.

What if there is a tie?

If riders are equal on points, UCI Rule 4.9.008 states, “Riders who tie on points are ranked according to the largest number of 1st places, 2nd places, etc. (Total points in the position in that round) only taking into account places for which points are awarded for the World Cup. If they are still a draw, the points scored in the most recent World Cup event will be used to separate them. “

The picture looks clearer to all the riders after the afternoon race. It may seem that some of the titles are close to closed, but most of these riders have never been in this situation before, and with the pressure from the title threatening, anything can still happen. We will update this article later today when the results fall.


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