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Who is the tip?

in the future
In four games at St. Louis, Avalanche’s line-up had nine goals and 24 points. Midfielder Nathan McConnell and winger Gabe Landscog and Miko Rantenen – if they go into that production in this series – six or seven games away – Colorado will win. Depth will be needed, but second-line shooter Andre Burakovsky (an assistant against the Blues) must contribute. Vegas may be a minefield, but the center line is not Chandler Stevenson McConnell (who is it?). Stevenson’s Wingate Mark Stone and Max Piyoretti are two of the most prolific performers in the regular season, with six of their 18 night goals against Avas. The Knights’ second line is in the middle with William Carlson and Wingate Jonathan Marces and Riley Smith. And Vegas has the heaviest player on the ice rink in the fourth line, Ryan Rivas.

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Avalanches, like any other team in the league, can push backwards. Cale Makar, Devon Toews and Sam Girard are terrified to move the doll and protect their property at the end of the attack. Closer people Ryan Graves and Patrick Nemett have to play hard and Colorado has deep depths with Connor Timminins, Bo Bairam, Jacob McDonald and others. Vegas is similar to one partner Alex Petrenjelo and second to Theodore. Strong man Bryden McNab is on the COVID protocol list, and his successor, former Av Nick Hodden, is not that difficult. With deep and talented Avo on D, Vegas could be a team that relates to them.

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At the start of the sixth season of the Evis Philip Gruber, he had an average of 936 saves and 1.75 goals with St. Louis. He has become a trusted park-stop. But so is Mark-Andre Flyry of Vegas, who has one .931 SP and 1.71 GAA in seven consecutive games in Minnesota. The 6-foot Groove was in contention for the 2018 Stanley Cup champions Washington Capital, and 6-2 Flyri has three cup rings with Pittsburgh Penguin, the second as a backup. In terms of depth, Avis and Knights have achieved huge, unimaginable goals. Devan Dubnick of Colorado 6-6 and Vegas Robin Liner 6-4. Both are accustomed to the role of No. 1.

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Special groups
Avalan is red in the power play with 6 of 12 chances to lead the league against St. Louis using a 50% clip. However, Colorado’s last two man-advantage longs were found in Game 4. Vegas is less dangerous than Minnesota, with only 13.3%. Avs and Knights both have strong penalty units and, unlike Colorado, Vegas uses a top line attacker (Mark Stone) as a short golf threat.

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While the Sharks were Bench bosses, San Jose was 6-0 in Game 7s, including San Jose’s 3-2 win over Avalon in the 2019 Western Conference Finals. He joined Vegas early last season and led the Knights to the Western Conference finals. But five-year-old Avs coach Jared Dinar has a deep understanding and relationship with his players and the team as a whole is strong from top to bottom.

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Five things to look for

Five things to look out for in the second round of the playoffs against the Knights

1. Rest in our rust
There will be six consecutive break between Avalon’s win over St. Louis and a series of openings in Vegas. Coach Yared has given his players a day off (Monday), practiced alternatives (Tuesday) and held team-mates (Wednesday-Saturday), with the aim of creating rest and rusting. For the past five years, Columbus, New York, and Boston have lost at least six of the six, nine, and 10 days off, with at least six of the six teams in the series having 7-6 in a row. In order, in between games. Key for Avis: Use the Vegas team that has previously played three more post-season games. Over the last five years, those 13 teams are 7-6 in Game 1.

2. Under 26 years of age
Avalu has conceded 25 or fewer shots in six games than in the regular season and the playoffs. In the first round, the Avivis held up to 27.5 shots per game (second-best in playoff games); Vegas won an average of 32.1 shots per game against Minnesota (11th out of 16 teams). Of course, in this series there is a game where goalkeeper Philip Grubbayer should be the lights, but keep his opponents in the range of 25 shots and Aves will win. “What is our goal every night to limit the number of shots and keep the team out?” β€œIt’s a five-man defense team. We created a whole group community in our zone. ”

3. Max is back
Wingate Max Pasiot returned to Vegas for the first time since May 1 and scored the final goal of the game. The Blues did not have a shot at David Peron (COVID-19), who was led by Avalanche. There was no such chance in Part 2, leading the Patriots with goals (24) and second in 51 (51) and goal (174) in the regular season. After just Game 7, Nets coach Pet Debor said, “Just writing his name on the board allowed our team to start.” Playing for the first six games in a row without him, our team had to climb a hill. It was important to get the answer (Friday). He has changed everything.

4. Secondary score
Eleven Awans players scored at least once in the first round, three of them by Brandon Sad and two by Jonas Donscoi. Vegas has scored three goals in three games, including Matthias Janmarck (7 in all) and Alex Tuch and two in Nicholas Roy. The high line is expected to perform high line work, but the difference may be 2-3 from each team line, especially in terms of strength. Avi want more product than second line winger Andre Burakovsky (one assist) and third line winger Valerie Nichushkin (free-kick). The Knights are looking for more goals than Jonathan Marces, William Carlson and Riley Smith in the second line (three combined goals in round 1).

5. Win by 4, 5 or 6
Saying this in part with his tongue, Avalanu should finish this series before he can play 7. Why? Friday’s 6-2 win over Minnesota saw Nets coach Pete Debourne take a 6-0 lead in Game 7s, with Avanche moving just four games after moving to Denver in 1995 (4-8 record). Deborah San Jose beat Avanche 7 in a game two years ago. In 2009, the Patriots, who have won seven of their three professional games, including the Stanley Cup final in Detroit, will be joined by goalkeeper Mark-Andre Flyry and the Aves may want to avoid Game 7.

Avs-Knights Predictions

Mike Chambers beat Avalanche author This was like the Avs and Red Wings in the late 1990s. The winner of this series will probably win the Stanley Cup. Golden cavalry can fly, but not everyone can stop the avalanche. Vegas and goalkeeper Mark-Andre Flyrie can steal one or two games, but Colorado is great for losing a lot of games if he wins. Avs in six

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