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Who should be the next Celtics coach?


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In which direction will the Celtics replace Brad Stevens?

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Who should be the next Celtics coach?

Wow, what a turn of events, huh? I have to admit that I Love That for those of you who wished Brad Stevens walked in as coach, you wished… Oops! Be careful what you wish for!

It will be interesting to see who replaces him. I don’t think it should be any of the existing staff. I look forward to interviewing Jay Larranaga and Jerome Allen. Evan Turner fits the related ex-player criteria that many people want, but he requires more experience, with only one year removed from play. This is Stevens’ chance to add an outside voice to the institutional wisdom, which can’t hurt at the moment.

I like some of the names being discussed, some of which may be based on fact. Juwon Howard has deep NBA experience as a player and assistant coach, and has been exceptional at Michigan. He’s going to be an excellent NBA head coach someday.

Chancey Billups, currently an assistant with the Clippers, makes a lot of sense, especially if you consider that it would be beneficial for this group of players to have a head coach with experience playing the NBA. Same for Sam Cassell, currently a Doctor Rivers assistant with the Sixers.

Spurs assistant Becky Hyman is a really interesting name. Stevens has talked about him a lot in the past, and he has been mentored by the best coach in NBA history, Greg Popovich. His time is coming soon. I wonder if he’s ready to see him succeed with the Spurs.

There have been some names that make absolutely no sense, to the extent that you have to wonder if the reporter is owing a source or something. Jason Kidd could probably help this team out at point guard, but he’s not a good coach, and I don’t think people would be prepared to give him a character reference. of coach? No way. He is not giving up on his farewell tour. And if you suggest John Calipari, I’m going to assume that you’re a good relative of him and someone who doesn’t really watch basketball.

My vote will go to Howard. Billup would also be an inspired choice. But what do everyone else think? Who should be the next Celtics coach? I’ll hear you in the comments.

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