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Why accountancy will be a utility that businesses will access, David Kelleher Co-Founder Outmin


Accounting has changed over the years and what is involved in writing accounts in books and long meetings on your account is no longer an issue. Accounting has become hi-tech, and a recently launched tech start-up, Outmin, is leading the way. It seeks to combine AI and human expertise to transform financial and admin services by providing real-time data for its clients that is critical to the current pandemic. Ronan spoke with David Kelleher the co-founder of Outmin.

David Kelleher why accountancy would be a utility business

David talks about his background, doing Jobbio, what Outmin does, how Outmin started, how Outmin uses AI, sees a gap in the market, and is working on the current pandemic. David also talks about why it would have been difficult for Outmin 10-15 years ago, how easy Outmin is to use, how accountancy is evolving, and future plans for Outmin.

More about David:

David has 10 years of experience working with and growing early stage technology companies. He began his career in Investment Banking in Toronto, before working with some of Canada’s top tech startups in his role at Third Core Venture Expansion Partners. Since returning to Ireland, he served as Head of Revenue at Jobbio before partnering with Outmin.

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