May 9, 2021


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Why didn’t the Thunderbolts

Spiller For Falcon and winter slider. With Falcon and winter slider Behind us now, we now know which fan theories pandered and which didn’t and there was one of the biggest theories that Thunderbolts was not involved in, a super team formed by Baron Jemo, consisting of reformist oversight.

After the arrival of Contessa Valentina Algra de Fontaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) and the appointment of John Waller (White Russell) as US agent, not to mention that Baron Jemo (Daniel Brohl) was captured and sent to The Raft, it was thought that we were probably Thunderbolts As you can see, Marvel’s executive producer Nat Moore said Entertainment Weekly Thunderbolts were never on the cards.

Not really. We don’t think they’re great because they’re cool, but because we already feel like there’s so much on the table in this series that we still didn’t want to introduce a group of characters or re-introduce people we’ve seen in the past, and the story cloud I did.

The more characters you create, the more you have to do them,“Moore continues.”And then we probably didn’t have time to go home to Louisiana with Sam and the rest or do anything about them. This, at a character level, has made us eager to do it [show] In the first position.“It goes without saying that Thunderbolts won’t happen anywhere down the road, especially since Marvel’s future movies and / or Disney + series have clear plans for this character.” Falcon and Winter Soldier Shorner Malcolm Spellman said, “I do not know. I just know there’s a lot of gossip around. I don’t know if the fans are crazy.

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