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Why Ethiopia is attacking itself


In 2019, Prime Minister Abi Ahmed was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize after decades of war between Ethiopia and its neighbor Eritrea. This seemed to be a new beginning for Ethiopia. After decades of dictatorships and oppressive regimes, it seems that he has finally put the country on a new path.

But less than a year later, Abbey launched a military attack – on Tigray, a regional country in his own country. When he became prime minister in 2018, he replaced the main Tigray political party, the TPLF, as the center of power in the country. Since then, tensions between Abiy and TPLF have risen sharply. This political rivalry led to a dispute over the election that led to an alleged attack on a military base – and eventually to the deployment of an army in the Abyssinian army.

Abby promised to bring peace to Ethiopia. He now heads a war that has turned from a conflict to devastation within weeks and ultimately has no apparent wisdom. Most of Tigray territory is occupied by local armies and militias. Thousands have been killed or displaced. Many Ethiopians are not surprised how Abby, the leader who promised to cut ties with the past, brought them here.

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