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Why ‘Joy Ride’ is more than a live video franchise starter


John Dahl’s “Joy Ride” is an A-grade B-movie that deserves revision, simply because it’s not better than it is, because it has been shown somewhat. Paul Walker Performance.

Walker stars as a college student named Lewis, he is planning a long distance road trip to pick his best friend and lifelong Crush Vena (Lily Sobiski) From his campus. On the way, Lewis reconnected with his brother Fuller (Steve John), whose past wandered without problems.

On the way to the Vena pick, Fuller forces Lewis to play with their CB radio (which Fuller calls the “prehistoric Internet”), where they attract the unwanted attention of a truck driver driven by a “rusty nail.” Voiced by Ted Levine). Lewis’s tendency to lead with ‘rusty nails’ and he believes he will take an awful turn as an interested female driver, as the disgruntled and relentless truck driver goes after the brothers to seek revenge.

“Joy Ride” offers a touch Steven Spielberg’s “Dual,” Involve a preliminary concept of a “catfish” scandal and create a junior variant on “breakdown” or “the vanishing” (although there is a lack of overall polish and a lack of strength in both).

The scene of Lewis opening up on the phone with Vena evokes the hook and mystery of the story: the two voices, far apart, intertwine as their words travel invisibly into the night sky. Shortly after, Lewis will electronically share a very different conversation, and the distance between him and an unwanted presence will only grow with time.

Dahl became a cult figure with his revered Neo-Nairs, the Val Kilmer-led “Kill Me Again” (1989), “Red Rock West” (1993) starring Nicholas Cage / Dennis Hopper, and especially Linda Forentino Showcase, “The Last Temptation.” (1994).

The next film became controversial only for its premiere, which prevented it from considering an Oscar. Most seen is Fiorentino’s performance as the front runner for Best Actress. Dahl’s breakthrough was confused with Assam Sci-Fi Noir, “Unforgettable” (1996), which stuck Fiorentino and Ray Leotta. The director’s comeback, the durable mat matt Damon / Edward Norton-starrer poker drama, “Rounders” (1998) easily brings Texas Hold’em to “Huskies” (1986) basketball.

“Joy Ride” was written and co-produced by none other than JJ Abram, in the days of his screenplay, when he was best known as the author of “Relation to Henry,” “Everlasting Youth” and “Taking Care of the Business” (Abram’s television breakthrough “Elias”). Will come after that).

Walker (who did “Fast and Furious” the same year) is particularly likable here, while Sobieski, though it is John, is a reliable horror actor for what he has done, Removes the complex task of making both favorite and incredible. John’s casting helps offset how his character is designed.

Levin’s cool voice, one of the clearest cousins ​​of his career, twists and turns in “Lamb of Silence” and weighs heavily on his every scene.

“Joy Ride” was a small hit in theaters, but gained enough traction to warrant two live video sequels on DVD and videocassette: “Joy Ride 2: Dead Forward” (2006) and “Joy Ride 3: Roadkill” (2014), which I Didn’t see, for the same reason I never followed “The Howling” or “Corn’s Children”.

According to the features of Dahal’s body work, he has got a great feeling for the neo-Nair setting, such as the dangerous neon hiding in the dark and the long highway rutown motels. Photographer Jeffrey Zur (who also filmed “The Last Temptation” and “Dirty Dancing”) gives this texture to the seed world, although it’s especially great.

A motel room next to Lewis and Fuller is a scene that is suddenly and suddenly visible by the melodic design.

Dahl’s film extends admiration, especially during a strange nude scene, where Lewis and Fuller enter a dinner sun dress. The moment goes by so quickly and goes away, wondering why the scene was finally cut. Still, it’s worth noting that Sobiski has no nude scenes, and like Jahn and Walker, it’s a true rarity.

The final scene-like option feels like the last one and that is not the proper conclusion and (the different edges of the movie DVD are not different from each other, except they are not very good). It’s a shame that Dahl, Abrams and co-author Clay Tarver didn’t know exactly how to finish their otherwise effective yarn.

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“Joy Ride” is a terrifying B-movie, it may sound like stupid compliments, except that it should be delivered as it should be. It’s a terrifying, atmospheric night odyssey, comparable to “Walking with the Devil” and “The Hitcher” in the best way.

If the filmmakers really come to an end to the killer (instead of the wrist hinges set for the sequel), then the movie could be a true religious follow-up rather than a one-time nostalgia generator we’ve seen.

Dahl’s film even roars with a few imperfections and creates unrest towards the driver in the car next to you, because you never know who they might be or what they are capable of.

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