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Widespread success paves the way for getting into the car


Apple Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi talks about CarPlay on stage during the Apple Developers Global Conference in San Jose, California on June 5, 2017.

Josh Adelson | AFP Getty Images

In early 2010, automakers and their suppliers were thrilled to build sophisticated applications for car dashboards that went beyond a CD player and a small LED display.

Partnerships with companies such as Microsoft, Carmakers began offering road maps, music and assistance, often as an upgrade package. They entered large consortia to create industry standards for connecting smartphones to cars.

Then Apple He came in and changed everything.

Apple introduced CarPlay in 2014 as a way to integrate the iPhone and the car dashboard. Since then, it has spread to all new cars.

Last year Apple said worldwide, more than 80% of new cars sold support CarPlay. About 600 new models, including cars made from Volkswagen، BMW, And Chrysler. Toyota, One of the longest assets, includes CarPlay in 2019 models.

This is also a superior feature for many drivers and car buyers. According to a 2017 Strategy Analytics study, 23% of new car buyers in the United States say they “should have CarPlay” and 56% are “interested” in having CarPlay when buying a new vehicle. When the expected electric Ford F-150 for sale, Will support CarPlay.

Apple has been able to position itself among customers and automakers and ensure that its user interface is the one that every iPhone user wants while driving. This is a trivial victory for one of the most successful companies in the world. CarPlay does not directly contribute to Apple’s revenue or profits. But this will ensure the continued loyalty of iPhone users, and if Apple wants to give the car industry a way to enter the car industry.

Smartphone power

Easily control your music on CarPlay with iOS 13.

Most cars use the Linux, QNX BlackBerry, or Google Android Automotive operating system to run the built-in dashboard. Entertainment systems often have their own music software or maps, and car companies sell wireless subscriptions and other updated features to them.

CarPlay runs on top of those entertainment platforms, allowing iPhone owners to access their most important apps while driving, which is safer than looking at their phone. With CarPlay, users can pick up Apple or Google Maps, play Apple Music or Spotify, or dictate a text message to send home. All those processes take place on the phone itself.

CarPlay and a rival Android app, Android Auto, are not car operating systems. “It’s really phone software,” said Mark Fitzgerald, a Strategy Analytics analyst. Lastly, it’s like using your car monitor as an external monitor for your phone.

“What’s in your car, when you connect it, is basically a customer software client that just delivers things from your phone to the screen of your infotainment system,” Fitzgerald said.

Many users find that this is all they need.

When users have both CarPlay and internal system, they tend to use CarPlay. 34% of CarPlay users surveyed by Strategy Analytics in 2018 said they only use CarPlay when they are in their car, and 33% said they use CarPlay more. Only 4% of users surveyed say they use the built-in system in favor of CarPlay.

Apple has also expanded CarPlay over the years to make it more valuable to iPhone owners.

When CarPlay first came out, it needed a wire to connect your phone to the car. In 2015, Apple began supporting Bluetooth wireless connections, allowing users to start CarPlay just by getting in the car and connecting the phone. While it took several years for new machines to support this feature, it is now widespread.

Last summer, Apple and BMW Announced Users can use their iPhone to unlock car doors or even turn on the engine, and Apple joins a standard group to extend this feature to more automakers.

Google has a similar software called Android Auto that extends its Android operating system in the car dashboard. CarPlay and Android Auto are not separate – a car that supports one typically supports the other. It is popular with Android app that has been downloaded 100 million times Until 2020.

When it became clear to automakers that the computing power and software in smartphones were improving much faster than they could improve their in-house entertainment systems, they tried to adjust.

The Car Connect Consortium, which includes most of the top car manufacturers and top suppliers, created the Mirrorlink, an open standard for connecting smartphones to car systems. Released in 2011, but quickly replaced by Apple and Google.

Samsung, the largest standard backer as well as which one owner A major source of dashboards, Stopped support Mirrorlink was introduced on their phones last year. No other major brands of Android support it yet, and the Consortium website lists only a few older devices as supported devices.

A big leap towards self-driving cars

New dashboard mode in CarPlay.

McHogan | CNBC

Apple’s success with CarPlay explains the automotive industry’s interest in rumors that Apple intends to build its own car. If Apple has had so much success in acquiring the dashboard, maybe the company can turn it into a competitive car.

Since 2014, media reports have said that Apple is reviewing at least one automotive electric vehicle software. Earlier this year, Hyundai said He said in an official statement that he was in talks with Apple about producing his car before it returned, most likely because of Apple. Strict confidentiality requirements. Hyundai finally said that it is so No more talking With Apple

Car executives show apparent confidence but respect for the challenge that Apple may have in the field of cars. Volkswagen CEO said he was not “afraid” of Apple entering the market. “He sleeps peacefully at night,” the BMW CEO said in response to questions about Apple’s plans. The CEO of Toyota warned that making a smartphone is very different from making a car.

Apple’s final plans remain unclear. According to a Reuters reportApple could still decide to sell software and hardware – an independent driving system – to automakers instead of designing its own vehicle.

But if Apple wants to enter the automotive world, it needs a completely different strategy from CarPlay.

CarPlay is mainly about making the iPhone more desirable. There are also other benefits, including making Apple Music subscriptions more valuable – People also want to play music in their car but need an easy way to control it while driving. In a March note, City analyst Jim Suva estimated that CarPlay could add $ 2 billion in annual sales of Apple services.

But CarPlay is not money-making in itself. Currently, CarPlay is free on most new vehicles, from basic models to luxury SUVs. BMW used to charge users a monthly fee to access CarPlay, but stopped in 2019 after customers complained.

Apple He says It does not charge automakers for using the software. This is not a licensed business. (If so, Apple could close it at $ 750 per unit and sell 9 million units by 2025 with $ 6.5 billion in sales.)

Apple can use its position in the car to further support its ambitions. It currently uses its App Store distribution platform to encourage software developers to optimize their applications for the car, in categories such as finding a car charger, ordering food or finding a parking space. These features will be a key part of the Apple Car experience. Apple also collects data needed to run CarPlay, and even if this data is anonymous to ensure user privacy, it gives Apple a lot of raw information about what people are doing in their cars.

But CarPlay cannot supply a self-driving car, which requires various chips and specialized hardware to be used in the car.

If Apple wants to sell software to automakers, it will have a different form of CarPlay. The fragmentation of Google’s car is a good example: the company builds Android Automotive as a car operating system, Android Auto as a competitor to CarPlay, and finances the development of Waymo, a car technology and car service company that is now a Is a sister company in Alphabet.

Nevertheless, the success of CarPlay could generate domestic demand for the Apple Car – or at least ensure that consumers do not find the idea insane.

Apple regularly unveils CarPlay software updates at its annual WWDC Developer Conference, which begins June 7 this year.


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