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Wild Bunch aim to promote “European Blumhouse” with new genre label


european sales powerhouse wild Bunch International and French production firm Capricci joining forces to launch style label wild west, we can reveal.

The production label will be dedicated to genre films and series including horror, fantasy, sci-fi, crime, thriller and superhero projects.

Both companies are looking to develop about 12 projects (features and series) each year through Capricci’s So Film Genre Screenwriting Residence, those projects then taken to market for financing, possible remakes and/or series adaptations.

Wild Bunch will be the international sales representative on several projects. CAA Media Finance, which has long represented the US rights to the films Wild Bunch International, will handle the domestic rights.

The first slate will be revealed in Bordeaux between 9-11 June during So Film’s Growing Industry Workshop, which is expected to be attended by major French studios and financiers. The projects are expected to come largely from first and second time filmmakers.

The 12 projects to be submitted next week are all French language, although English language projects are expected to appear in future editions.

A project this year is a remake of the 1924 classic horror film Hands of Orlac, about a world-renowned pianist who loses both hands in an accident and inadvertently allows a murderer’s hands to be grafted onto his arms, with surprising results. The film was remade in 1960 with Christopher Lee and Mel Ferrer.

“Ideally, we want it to be Europe’s Jason Blum label”, Wild Bunch chief Vincent Maravali Told us “Ideally, we want partners – for example, someone like Jason Blum type – to join the company and secure a portion of the project rights, be it remake rights, TV rights, etc.

Headed by Thierry Lunas, head of So Film magazine, Caprice started the screenwriting residency five years ago. The first film to emerge from the initiative was Just Phillypot’s 2021 horror film flock, which was played at Cannes Critics Week and Sitges. Jokers will release the film in France this month and Netflix has got the rights to the rest of the world.

Marvell said: “The creation of the Wild West marks the natural evolution of our collaboration with Thierry Lunas and Caprisi through a sleep film style residence. The quality of the work done and the successful experience of flock encouraged us to be more committed to this adventure, allowing Wild Bunch International to fully re-engage with genre cinema, which has embraced the original and distinctive editorial approach of the Wild Bunch since its inception. “

Lunas said: “The Wild West offers a French-style cinema – genre cinema that speaks directly to and about today’s world – as well as providing a tremendous laboratory for a new generation of filmmakers. “

The Wild Bunch have a strong track record in the genre, which includes working on films piranha 3d, land of the Dead and pan’s Labyrinth and have helped find new talent including Julia DuCorno, Caique Milo and Juan Antonio Bayona. The French mainstay recently launched its own production label Getaway, most recently produced by Alexandre Ajas oxygen for netflix.

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