Wild weather continues in three states

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Wild weather will break through three Australian states with threats of hail, strong winds and heavy rain that could cause flash flooding.

Residents of New South Wales, Queensland and parts of Western Australia are preparing for heavy rain today.

Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued for parts of Southern Queensland.

Wild weather will continue in three states today.
The north-central NSW coast and Hunter will be badly affected (Nine)

Locals were warned not to enter the water as early news of flash flooding came this morning in Toowoomba.

The flood could continue throughout the week in Queensland and NSW, where heavy rains fell last week.

Wild weather will continue in three states today.
Wild weather will continue in three states today. (Nine)

Storm and more rain warnings are issued for NSW, while the north-central NSW coast and Hunter are looking to handle the load.

Multiple minor flood warnings have been issued for NSW’s inland rivers and mid-north coasts.

A moderate flood warning has been issued for Kingdon Ponds in the Scone area, with minor flooding expected to intensify here.

One of the children clings to a rope attached to a tree in a fast-flowing river. (Nine)

A flood is a rare event that has not been seen for nearly 20 years.

Sydney saw 18mm of rain yesterday, Gosford on the NSW Central Coast got 32mm.

Dangerous Surfing Warning issued for Macquarie and Hunter Beaches.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) said severe thunderstorms could produce heavy rains that could lead to flash flooding at Caboolture, Esk, Gatton, Kilcoy, Laidley and Lowood.

BoM said storms are also likely to bring hail and wind.

While the South Downs and Darling Downs are expected to see more today, a total of 99mm of rain fell near Dalby in just two hours over the weekend.

The storm cell is expected to approach the southeast and bring wet weather all week.

Heavy rain and thunderstorm warnings were issued early Monday morning for the south-central parts of Western Australia.

Over the weekend, 162mm of rain was recorded with flash flood warnings in some areas.

A severe storm warning is no longer in effect, but BoM said the situation will continue to be monitored and further warnings can be issued if needed.

Victoria is gearing up for a sunnier start to the week as Melbourne reaches 21C.

Although there are minor flood warnings for the Latrobe River and the Thomson River.

Forbes residents are barricading their homes and businesses with sandbags as they prepare for an evacuation order amid rising flood waters.

How are NSW townspeople preparing for a major flood?

Tasmania will survive most of the wet weather with only a partly cloudy day and a temperature of 19C, according to the BoM.

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