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Will 2022 become the year of sports boycotts?


Will 2022 become the year of sports boycotts? | Sports news and news TooAthletic.com

As sports fans wonder if the United States will boycott the 2022 Winter Olympics in China next February, there is growing support for the red, white and blue to boycott the World Cup next year. The event is set to be held in Qatar, and is under pressure from football fans around the world to be relocated because the host country has a poor record regarding the rights of women and those in the LGBT community. American football fans are joining the US men’s team’s call to boycott the 2022 World Cup if the event is not moved outside Qatar before next fall. With two troubling hosts on the sports calendar, 2022 will become the year of the provinces; Is it necessary?

The awarding of the 2022 World Cup to Qatar was riddled with issues of concern. The country’s history of civil rights was well known ten years ago when FIFA, the world’s soccer governing body, voted to hold the biggest sporting event there.

From a purely football point of view, due to the desert weather in Qatar, the event has been moved to late November, several months later than usual. With regard to the country’s entitlement to host such a comprehensive global event, Qatar’s record in the field of civil rights that is nourished by the Muslim majority and the state-sponsored Islamic region has left most of the world behind in the civil sphere. Rights issues. The shortcomings of civil rights were further highlighted when there were reports of thousands of workers being killed building the stadiums and infrastructure needed for the World Cup.

Just like China, many Americans are hesitant to support the government by sending sports teams to compete in Qatar. A new poll published this weekend showed that 59% of those questioned said the United States should boycott the World Cup, while 61% of FIFA demanded that the event be moved entirely. FIFA’s credibility has also been questioned in recent years since announcing it would accept bribes in an effort to help Qatar secure the right to host the World Cup next year.

Americans are not alone in calling for a boycott of both the Olympic Games and the World Cup next year, as polls across Canada and Europe also strongly support skipping the two events in an effort to draw attention to Qatar’s biggest issues. President Joe Biden has been in favor of moving Major League Baseball to this year’s All-Star Game from Atlanta, Georgia due to a new voting act. However, after she first said that there were talks underway to discuss a boycott of the Olympics, the Biden administration took action Retreat, Saying only issues surrounding Covid-19 will force the United States to miss the upcoming Winter Games.

The 180-degree shift came after a warning fromStrong Chinese response“For any US Olympic boycott. While the men’s American soccer team is by no means assured of an event, with Qatar providing nearly an eighth of the world’s oil and natural gas, you can expect a similar response from this administration when it comes to boycotting the 2022 World Cup.” .

With so many knee-ready athletes out there, wearing T-shirts, and turning to social media for justice and equality, isn’t it fair to say that the people fighting for them aren’t just in their home country? As such, shouldn’t it be the footballers themselves, many of whom took part in the rallies and protests, who are calling for a boycott of the Olympics and the World Cup in the United States and other countries to serve a greater purpose?

Just as in the case of those who rose up over voting rights laws passed in Georgia and supported the transfer of the MLB All-Star Game, those leaving the stadium should also call on Qatar to change their tactics ahead of the World Cup, or at least be willing to put up with your knees when Be on a foreign land as many have done around the world for equality between America and the world. Otherwise, the phrase “All Lives Matter” that has become a mantra for many who resist Black Lives Matter becomes incorrect. This is because it proves that some people have limits to whom they will fight and will not fight for once they feel as if they have done enough for their cause, the rest of the problems need to be resolved by others in this community.

While soccer fans may care about the civil rights of people halfway around the world, if those in the country’s colors don’t care, does it matter what the fans think? Just as those who might want to boycott the Winter Games may care about equality in their society, do they care enough about the civil rights of a billion people plus the Chinese to take a stand and boycott their Olympics?

This is part of what sports have done by engaging in the movement for social change, they must now advocate for everyone, not just whoever suits them and their business. That’s why it should not be up to President Biden to call for a boycott, but to the athletes themselves, with their own countrymen giving their full support. Because without it, everything that makes for great click shows on the internet and via social media is just talk and means nothing to those who need it.


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Will 2022 become the year of sports boycotts? | TooAthletic.com

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