Will Jose Mourinho succeed in Roma club? As Rome proclaims their new emperor


Jose Mourinho is set to assume responsibility for the Italian Roma giants starting next season, and the Portuguese manager has been dramatically sacked before. Tottenham Hotspur But he has now found his new home in Italy. So, it’s fair to say that “The Special One” is back again.

After Roma lost to Sampdoria, he confirmed that they could not reach the Champions League and the club was 6-2 behind after the European League, a poor defensive offer against Man United. The club decided to separate from its current coach Paulo Fonseca Soon Mourinho was appointed as his successor. His reign will start from the 2021-22 season.

Mourinho signed a three-year contract at Stadio Olimpico, and that’s what Mourinho said through Official Roma website.

Mourinho said: “Thank you to the Fredkin family for choosing to lead this great club and to be part of their vision.”

“After meetings with the owner and Thiago Pinto, I immediately understood the full extent of their ambitions for Rome. It is the same ambition and drive that has always driven me, and together we want to build a successful project in the coming years.

“The amazing passion of Roma fans convinced me to accept the job and I cannot wait for the start of next season.

“In the meantime, I wish Paolo Fonseca all the best and I hope the media will appreciate that I will speak more just in time. Daji Roma!”

It is reported that Thiago Pinto, the general manager of Roma, contacted the Portuguese only one day after his dismissal from Tottenham and began talks followed by meetings with the club’s president to finalize matters.

“When Jose became available, we immediately seized the opportunity to speak with one of the greatest coaches of all time,” said Thiago Pinto.

We were stunned by Jose’s desire to win and his passion for the game: no matter how many titles he won, his primary focus is always on the next. He has the knowledge, experience and leadership to compete at all levels.

“We know that to build a successful sports project it takes time, patience and the right people in the right situations. We are very confident that Jose will be the ideal coach for our project, whether in the near or long-term future.”

“Together with the vision and ambition of Dan and Ryan Friedkin, we will build the foundations of the new AS Roma team.”

This comes as a surprise because Mourinho also recently signed a critical analysis contract with some media agencies to cover EUR this summer.

Roma have been very weak in the big matches, their defense very weak despite Fonseca moving to third-back. Roma, after losing to Sampdoria, are officially out of the equation for the UEFA Champions League places and they may also have to fight for places in the Europa League.

Roma’s attack is very good with offensive talents like Mkhitaryan and Pellegrini, but it is the defense that is letting them down and they also seem to fade away in the big matches of the season.

With all due respect, Rome as a European giant has fallen badly off the ladder coinciding with the downfall of Jose Mourinho in his managerial career. It is fair to say that if Mourinho was offered a Roma job three years ago, he would have turned it down outright, but the situation has changed dramatically in recent years.

Certainly, this move shocked football fans with some surprise, as fans expected that he would not get the national team jobs until after his disasters in human management in TottenhamMan United and Chelsea, modern football has left him behind. His constant moves to rivals soured his relationship with his old fans.

They may not be as big as the elite like Real Madrid, Inter and Juventus, but they are a club with a long history, great fan base and great players who have honored Stadio Olimpico over the years.

Over recent years, Italian clubs have tried to move from their traditions to match the intensity of the modern game. Clubs like Atalanta and Sassuolo are scrambling to lay the groundwork and Juventus have also decided to take the new approach which takes time.

Mourinho’s move to Roma would be excellent for the first division club and the club in the commercial side for things like commercials and brand value, but it would also make things interesting in the league on the one hand, we have the modernizers in Sassuolo, Atalanta, Milan and Juventus also trying to follow suit and on the other side we have thugs. Veterans at Inter Milan, Lazio. I expect Mourinho’s team will follow the path of old thugs.

The verdict: Will Mourinho succeed in Rome

Jose Mourinho and Italian football may turn into a happy marriage because he is still highly regarded in Italy and he is the only coach to have won a treble in Italian football.

His style of play may translate better to Italian football, as we have seen this year in the case of Antonio Conte, Inter Milan who have some veterans of Alexis Sanchez and Ashley Young, etc, and their playing style is not the same either. Eye. Above Italy, it is more about winning mentality and defensive toughness.

The Giallorossi has the creative assets that suit Mourinho’s bouncing attacking ball. They will need defensive captains and a system that puts them under pressure to lay the groundwork to annoy big teams.

Rome does not have an enormous budget and limited financial resources. So maybe we will see a return to basics Mourinho promotes unknown talents and makes the most of the available resources. A club like Roma has to be smart to be able to advance once again in the Italian soccer scenario.

How will Jose Mourinho deal with his former players?

Mourinho is lucky to have talents like Zaniolo, Pellegrini and Spinazzola among Roma. There are doubts about how he would treat his old son in Pedro, Smolling and Mkhitaryan and there are reports that there is no love lost between them.

The big question about his running a man will be, can he stimulate the locker room and achieve results
Looking at Italy, there is tremendous pressure on big clubs like Juventus, Milan, Lazio, Napoli and Roma to deliver the goods, but as we know, the “Premier League” is booming due to criticism and controversy, so that’s another point that came to him.

Roma fans will love him even if he introduces the Europa League or the Cup, it will be considered a success next season. But returning Roma to a European giant is the long-term goal and the club’s hierarchy has made clear their intentions that they will not be content with taking seventh place every year.

It will be interesting to see how he can develop the current miserable Roma side into a gigantic team again.

Will this step work ?, let us know your opinions in the comments below.


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