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“The author of the book, how baked into the book an allusion to more. Who knows?” Yarovesky said Decision. “Who knows what the future holds? But I think there’s a lot more history in this universe, and I think this story could be the beginning of so much more … I love this universe. I love the characters If I were lucky enough to make more of these, then of course I would happily make more of them.

So, as Alex and Yazmin learned in the movie, never lose hope.

Yarovesky also addressed the horror in the film in the interview with Decider, describing how he and Netflix balance the fear with the age group for which they were intended. The director said Netflix has done a lot of market research that partially “sees mental health benefits for children who see horror.” According to Yarovesky, horror offers children “a way to confront your fears in a safe environment.” But he also acknowledged that not all children are ready for the scare Night books and that he felt that the film was told in a way that children could stop watching when they got scared and then come back when they felt ready to do so later.

“If you notice, the movie is built like a ramp. They call it ‘Gateway Horror,’ “Yarovesky explains. If it gets too creepy, just stop there. Stop there, go do something different, watch a comedy, chill out, come back in a year or six months or tomorrow if you feel strong, no matter what. In the end, it’s ball-on-the-wall horror, but in a very safe way. Like when you make a big horror gag, but it’s sweets and not something really violent. It tries to recreate this experience by taking the whole family on a hard hayride, holding each other and covering everyone else’s eyes and being scared together, and getting through it together.

Night books is now being streamed on Netflix.

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