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Gunn had previously shot the introduction of Adam Warlock in one of the midfielder scenes Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, after Ayesha, leader of the sovereign people, creates a creature she calls “Adam”, with the intention of destroying the Guard of the Galaxy.

Gunn originally planned for Adam Warlock and his treatment for Vol. 2, but said he dropped the character for creative reasons. He said: “It was in the original design – in the original treatment, before there was even a screenplay – that Adam Warlock was a great character. And the screenplay was just too busy, there were too many characters. And I could not t Nebula did justice to Adam Warlock and got the two in there, so I decided to save Adam for another day. “

Another day is coming Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3!

When it came to throwing the potter in the roll, Deadline shared, “Gunn and Execs began their long search for the person who would play Warlock in late August, with Poulter meeting along with several other actors for the enthusiastic part. As is usual with all major Marvel real estate, executives and Gunn took his time with the role, how enthusiastic the fans were when they were first shot, and in the end Poulter’s test was too good to pass.

I can not wait to see how Poulter and Gunn bring this character to life in MCU! What do you think Poulter will take over the role?

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