May 9, 2021


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Will Smith became real about being in the worst shape of my life and people loved it

Will Smith maybe just posted the most honest celebrity photo of anyone in the last year.

The actor shared a snapshot by the sea over the weekend, wearing an open-hooded sweatshirt showing his chest and stomach in shorts, with the caption: “

The 52-year-old is all smiling in the photo.

Previously, Will was known to take training regimes on the set very seriously, build muscle for roles like I Am Legend and even earn a “Eight Packages” for Suicide Squad.

Still, after a year of pandemic in which many of us have gained weight, Will’s reality resonated with more than a few fans.

As Questlove commented, “this is the most amazing message in the history of social media,” director Ava DuVernay remarked that she didn’t see “here the ‘worst.’

Some thanked the star for his honesty and noted that it is “important for people to understand that not even celebrities have it. [a] “perfect” body “and, as people usually do on social media, there were, of course, a bunch of others who were seven af.

“All I see is food, sir,” one fan wrote, while someone else remarked that Will looked like “Daddy aF.”