May 7, 2021


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Wings Over Scotland | What it’s like being Wings

Readers, meet Gordon Pearce. He’s a repulsive human being.

But we would like to make it abundantly clear that we do NOT believe Gordon has any sexual interest in the baby he’s holding in that picture. We have absolutely no grounds to suspect he does, and we think it would be an utterly disgusting thing to suggest about a person we don’t know without any evidence.

It’s a shame Gordon doesn’t feel the same way.

Because this is what Gordon thought was fine to post on someone’s Facebook today:

We’ll let you know if we get a reply from him. Meanwhile, imagine this sort of thing and worse from scum like Gordon literally every day for 10 years of your life. And the next time you’re thinking of issuing pious lectures because we swear occasionally, walk a couple of miles in our shoes and let us know how you get on.

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