Woman, 22, “DEAD BOYFRIEND” by throwing cellphone at his head in a row

A WOMAN is charged with murder after killing her boyfriend by throwing a cell phone at him who hit his head in a row.

Roxana Adelina Lopez, 22, is said to have thrown the device at 23-year-old Luis Guantay in self-defense after he hit her in the face.

Roxana Adelina Lopez has been charged with manslaughter


Roxana Adelina Lopez has been charged with manslaughter

She is now under investigation for her boyfriend’s death in April in his home in one Argentine City, La Nacion reports.

After being hit by the phone, Guantay complained of headaches and discomfort until he was finally taken to a hospital in the town of Salta.

He underwent surgery for severe brain damage after being hit in the head but died.

The victim’s mother then went to the police and asked them to take action against the suspect.

Prosecutors determined the blow Guantay received to his right temple, causing head injuries, resulting in his death.

After being prosecuted, Lopez issued a statement denying the crime.

Last month, a court in the nearby Argentine city of Tucuman acquitted Jesica Osores of murder for killing her partner with the same knife he had threatened her with moments earlier.

She was approved after a judge ruled she had acted in “self-defense” after being subjected to nine years of domestic violence by her husband Javier Hernan Gomez.

Jesica, 28, had argued in court: “It was my life or his.”

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