Woman Bitten by Venomous Snake Dies While Sitting On Toilet

A woman in Nigeria died after being bitten by a venomous snake while sitting on the toilet. The woman, identified as Lance Corporal Ogah Bercy, who worked for the Nigerian Air Force, was taken to hospital but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The snake, a large cobra, is believed to be in the toilet bowl. The snake handler was called to the address in Abuja to extract the animal. Images posted on social media sites show a man taking a large snake from the toilet.

Somuyiwa David, animal scientist and technical commercial manager at Animal Care Services Konsult, published an email shared with him. Facebook. It was stated that the attack took place in Ogah Bercy’s apartment in the early hours of 19 November. Ogah Bercy had not checked the toilet seat before sitting down and was immediately bitten.

Several Nigerian news outlets including The Whistler Nigeria, TODAY and Idoma Voice reported on Ogah Bercy’s death.

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It is unknown which species of cobra is responsible. Nigeria is home to three types of cobras: Mali cobra, Egyptian cobra, and black-necked spitting cobra. From the images of the removed snake, it appears that it is a black-necked spitting cobra. This species is one of the deadliest in Nigeria. It grows 4 to 7 feet in length.

Snake bites are recognized as a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization. An estimated 5.4 million people are bitten each year, with between 81,000 and 138,000 deaths. Three times that number requires amputation or leaves permanent disability as a result of bites. There are between 435,000 and 580,000 snake bites per year in Africa that require medical treatment.

Snake bites are a major public health problem in Nigeria. In September, on International Snake Bite Awareness Day, Health Minister Adeleke Olorunnimbe Mamora said that up to 20,000 people are bitten in Nigeria each year, leading to nearly 2,000 deaths and 2,000 more amputations.

Snakes have been known to hide in toilets. A woman in Thailand in 2020 bitten by python when you sit on the toilet. In 2019, a woman in Australia described how she jumped out of the toilet after being bitten by a carpet python.

More recently, a man on vacation in South Africa bit his penis suffered from poisoning of the genitals by a snub-nosed cobra. The doctors who treated the man wrote, “Our take-home message? Be sure to flush the toilet before you live in countries with a reputation for snake populations.” Journal of Urology after the event.

black neck spitting cobra
Stock image of a black-necked spitting cobra. A woman in Nigeria died after being bitten by a cobra while sitting on the toilet at her home.
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