Woman hits colleague for posting pictures of her ‘having fun’ on social media while stressed out of work

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A woman sparked a heated debate after calling a colleague who had shared photos of her ‘having fun’ on social media because she was sick from work.

The unnamed staff claims that his colleague ‘loves life’ despite not being at work for the past five months due to stress.

Frustrated worker told Mumsnet that he would be ’embarrassed’ not working, and then it would be ‘plumbing fun’ online. MEN reports.

He asked platform user MakeMineALarge1 if it was ‘stupid’ to flood social media with pictures of what you did when you recovered from the disease.

He wrote: “I currently work in a place where there are cases of high stress and there are up to 20 people with work-related stress on leave.

“Now I’m going for a walk, going out to lunch, etc. might be great for you, but is it silly to post photos of all your weekends, decorating your house, and going out at night?”

‘Is it rude?’

User Hardyloveit replied: “Yes we have one atm for stress, it’s been 5 months now but his SM (social media) is full of loving his life – drinking and going on vacation etc.

“I’m not a big SM poster anyway, but I’m a little embarrassed to walk out of work and see how much fun I had or what I was doing, etc.”

Others agreed, with Mumsnet fan BiscoffAddict saying that seeing a co-worker cheer up while sick would leave a “sour taste” in people’s mouths.

“Actually, it shows a real lack of self-awareness. Don’t just post things on social media.”

Another follower in the thread, BlusteryLake, told a story of former team members who said they were too sick to make the half-hour trip to their office, but then made the nearly six-hour trip to Cornwall.

“While there was a valid reason to do so, even without the desire to go to work, this left a very sour taste in the mouth of the team. The most mindless one”.

‘A little embarrassed’

However, some disagreed and emphasized how people should show more compassion when it comes to illness and mental health.

The user operating instructions responded: “I don’t think I’ll be able to decide if they’re off with work-related stress tbh.”

Account Clocktopus argued that this is a matter between the person, their doctor, and their manager.

They continued: “What tasks (if any) they can take on is between them and their doctor.

“When it comes to stress and other mental health issues, it can be helpful to temporarily remove a source of stress so that someone has less on their plate.

“They’ve left work, not life, and if socializing, exercising, distancing, etc. helps their recovery, then it’s within their right to do so.”

Commentator Ghoulette says they hate the idea of ​​sitting in a dark room until they’re healed.

They said: “They’re stress-free and obviously doing things to help them de-stress. That’s a good thing.

“I hate the idea that if you’re fed up with anything, you have to sit in a dark room until you feel fit enough to work for an employer that’s openly judging you for that.”