Woman shares scary texts from maintenance man who said he was in her home

A woman has shared scary texts from an entertainer who said he was in her home. Bee Jonez, a 36-year-old living in Louisiana, tweeted about her experience when she lived in a privately owned building when a maintenance worker texted that he “came in” to her apartment “just to see [your] face”.

Jonez told me BuzzFeed that maintenance was carried out in an apartment next door after the residents moved out. When she received a text message from one of the workers, she thought that they might need access to her unit to fix something in a common area between the two apartments.

“Good morning girl,” he wrote. “How’s it going.”

“I’m fine. Are you telling me you have to come to the apartment?” Jonez replied.

“Yes, only [to] looks [your] face, ”the worker wrote back. “I miss [you]. ”

“Oh lol,” Jonez replied.

“Yes. Can I come in?” asked the unidentified worker, to whom Jonez wrote “no sir.”

“When I answered ‘oh lol’ it was the same as a nervous laugh in real life,” Jonez said BuzzFeed. “I literally did not know how to respond to the kind of messages from a person I was not interested in. Even the nicest person can be harmful.”

“Because I’m here,” the worker wrote. “I’m coming in,” he added, prompting Jonez to write “no.”

“Just opened it,” he wrote, followed by one of many laughing emojis.

“I’ll call the police,” she wrote, leading the worker to back down.

“I’m in the next apartment, stop stumbling,” he texted. “Got [you]. Hope all is well.”

“I broke the lease a month later and blocked him,” Jones told the outlet. “I felt insecure, [so] I moved as soon as I had the resources to do so. ”

“The owners were a married couple who just owned and renovated a house,” she said. “They did not care about anything but the rent. All the tenants had several complaints about different things. Nothing was ever handled. ”

The couple also hired friends and relatives to maintain the building.

After Jonez tweeted about the October 4 episode, other women shared similar stories about their own past experiences.

“I remember when I was in high school, our maintenance man broke into our apartment and he replaced my mother’s ceiling fan with one that threw a star that [a] shadow in the ceiling and he left a note about how he wanted her to see the stars, ” wrote a Twitter user. He was later fired for stealing the company’s funds to buy these items to provide the female home, such as the ceiling fan. VERY scary situation afterwards, but then I was young and thought the fan was nice. ”

Other wrote that a “friend told me a guy from a car dealer she went to [through] her register and found her number and started texting her. She was terrified but thankfully he did not have her address. If something happened to her, I would not know what to do ”.

“I was really not surprised to see so many women share very similar stories,” Jonez said BuzzFeed. “But even though I was not surprised, I was sad and angry that so many women could relate … Some men only feel entitled to women.”

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