May 7, 2021


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Work line: Five possible endings in the last six seasons

We say goodbye to AC-12 on Sunday night, the end of the sixth line of work, after six rollserster weeks.

This series has given us another twisted brain plot with enough twists and turns to make the UK’s top rated drama in more than a decade.

With the AC-12 facing a major crisis and Hastings retiring, many predict this could be the last. Mandatory line.

We are not going there yet. But here are some possible endings for the theories out there:

1. AC-12 shows Patricia Carmikael as “H”.

They were fans Excessive shipping was sent to the scene last Sunday, AC-3 Superintendent Patricia Carmikael – now in charge of all anti-corruption activities – could be ‘H’.

If this is the case and AC-12 tries to attack her, it could be a smoking gun that will undoubtedly benefit Ted and his team for a while.

2018-01-02 AC-12 Explorers Chief Osborne as “H”

We know from the first part of the ‘line’ duty that there is something wrong with Chief Constable Phil Philip Osborne.

He asked Arno to lie and cover up the extrajudicial killings. It seems that the racist attack that led to his death years ago helped to cover up the incompetence of Lawrence Christopher.

He also rose to prominence at an astonishing rate over the years from the inspector to the top performer over the years.

Osborne’s ‘H’ is significant. It could also overturn Osborne’s decision to merge AC-12 out of existence, giving Hastings and the team time to implement.

3. AC-12 does not mislead others into ‘H’ and proves its usefulness for camomile and / or Osborne

AC-12 has acquired some large skulls over the years, and – in the grand scheme of things – has completed its policing.

Is it really enough to keep it working if you try to expose a high-profile person like H-Turwell, or perhaps D.C. Andrea Weiss?

Although he may not believe Osborne, he can finally convince his fellow anti-corruption officer, Carmikael, of their value and put pressure on the chief to stay in business.

4. Kate returns to AC-12

MIT is undoubtedly its own shell. Bacchus was fired. Davidson arrives at the Farida Yatrir Lock, where he meets Ryan Pilkington in a dark parking lot.

So does Kate really want to stay on the murder investigation (if there is one left)? Or will she be lured back into the anti-corruption team by her ex-husband Steve Steve and her trusted Gaffer Hostings?

5. Hastings voluntarily accepts retirement in this case

Hastings has been firing on a fourth person all season because he sees a police officer as part of his “career.”

If he can catch the “man” (or woman) he is talking about, we can anticipate that Hasting will be forced to retire and that we will decide to call him one day.

It has a border He had previously hinted that “time is running out for Ted Hastings.”.

Can this end give us a fitting end?

It will be revealed every Sunday …

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