Wrestling legend Dutch Mantell predicts backstage reaction if AEW sign Ric Flair

Wrestling legend Dutchman Mantell recently said he believes Ric Flair will not be making his AEW debut soon after the reaction from the latest episode of Dark Side of The Ring.

There has been some downfall from the Dark Side of The Ring episode that features ‘Plane Ride from Hell’. Tommy Dreamer has already been suspended by IMPACT Wrestling for his comments. Ric Flair was soon expected to sign with AEW and manage Andrade, but that move could be put on hold after the setback.

One person who thinks Ric Flair is not going to debut in Tony Khan’s campaign soon is wrestling legend Dutchman Mantell. Speaking of Sportskeeda’s SmackTalk, Mantell said the following:

“I want to predict now that I do not think Flair is going to AEW. I think all the girls in AEW would … they will say you can not bring the guy in after he is. “I mean, he was judged on the show last night by people who saw him in the back. Then Dustin Rhodes helped that lady out. Well, bless him.”

Ric Flair was recently spotted with Sting backstage in AEW

Ric Flair recently shared a photo of him with Sting backstage at an AEW show. Flair and The Icon have been long-time rivals on screen throughout their careers and have had several classic fights together. The duo has faced each other in several campaigns over the years.

Flair shared a photo with the caption, “No Matter Where the Path of Life Takes Us, We Are Friends For Life! WOOOOO!” and you can check it out below:

No matter where life’s leads us, we are friends for life! WOOOOO! @Stik https://t.co/jdrF0MUYfF

Ric Flair was soon expected to sign with AEW, but it looks like Tony Khan could rethink the decision following the revelations about the latest episode of Dark Side of The Ring.

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