Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney finally reach their first live match

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Nearly a full year after they were first given the green light to complete their much-publicized (and highly surprising) takeover, Wrexham owners Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney were in the crowd for their very first match on Tuesday.

“Deadpool” star Reynolds and “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia” creator McElhenney first got their proposed takeover approved by a fan vote in November 2020 and joined a select group of well-known football club owners when they bought the Welsh side back in February and invested £ 2 million ($ 2.75 million) to take control of clothing at the fifth level. However, travel restrictions and planning issues due to the COVID-19 pandemic had prevented them from flying over to see the club in person until now.

The Hollywood couple were in the crowd for the first time when Wrexham traveled to meet Maidenhead United on York Road on a cold night in central England. They saw to it that their team lost 3-2, thus starting their tenure with a very typical non-league experience.

As you might expect, the sight of Reynolds and McElhenney (who were wearing an official Wrexham puffer jacket for the occasion) in the stands aroused excitement when fans in the ground were thrilled by the celebrities in their midst.

Maidenhead were also eager to welcome the new Wrexham co-owners to their humble grounds, which are presumably not very often adorned by visiting Hollwood actors.

Nor is it the case that Maidenhead did not have their own celebrity fan cheering on them: 1990s British TV royal Timmy Mallett was also present – though he may have been overshadowed by the stars of “Free Guy” and “Mythic Quest.”

Unfortunately, the Red Dragons quickly fell down 2-0 as Maidenhead scored twice in as many minutes. Wrexham fought back at the level with 2-2. In the second half, the visitors finally lost to a heartbreaker in the 75th minute from Josh Kelly.

Despite the result, Reynolds and McElhenney certainly seemed to enjoy the game with goals to celebrate and missed opportunities to dread just as much. Reynolds personally made sure to thank his Maidenhead opponent Peter Griffin for hosting so graciously and congratulating the Magpies on their victory.

“Football is a beautiful, heartbreaking, soul-killing, evil and beautiful game, and I will never sleep again,” the “Van Wilder: Party Liaison” star later said on Instagram.

McElhenny remained optimistic, joke on Twitter postmatch that he would still rather see his first win among the team’s home crowd.

The pair did not have time to meet with Wrexham manager Phil Parkinson at night, but the coach hopes to be able to sit down with his new owners at some point in the very near future.

“They flew in today and they tried to keep a low profile, but I imagine it’s pretty hard to be low profile and they let us get on with it,” Parkinson said. “We look forward to meeting them later this week.”

The defeat leaves Wrexham in 11th place in the National League, already 13 points from first place with 11 games in their season played.

Next time for the Red Dragons is a home game at the Racecourse Ground against Torquay United on Saturday. Will the team be able to deliver a first win to their new bosses in the flesh the second time they ask? No pressure, boys.


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