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WTC Finals | Shubman Gill is the most complete athlete I have seen, declares R Sridhar


India’s fielding coach R Sridhar has said that Shubman Gill is the most complete athlete ever. He also revealed that India are looking at the World Test Championship final just like any other normal sport and that little preparation could prove helpful for Kohli and Co.

since then Virat Kohli Having taken the reins of Indian cricket, the fitness landscape in the country has changed for good. He has led the team by example and now we see that Indian players are finally able to compete with the top teams in the world when it comes to fitness standards. In fact, the Indian captain is considered one of the fittest athletes in the world of cricket.

And as it turns out, Shubman Gill, who is considered to be the clear successor to Virat Kohli, is no match for him in terms of his stroke-play. He is also a good athlete. And according to India’s fielding coach R Sridhar, Shubman Gill is the most complete athlete ever, with good hand-eye coordination.

R Sridhar told TOI, “Talking about Shubman, I think he is the most complete athlete I have seen. He is slim, tall, runs fast and has good hand-eye coordination.”

Sridhar also pointed out that along with their performances in the IPL and India ‘A’, new players are often analyzed prior to their first team debut, which then determines their position on the field.

“Most of the times when a new player comes in—we know his strengths and weaknesses as we might have seen him play in IPL or India ‘A’. My job as fielding coach is to make sure that his mindset It is in our hands that we keep pace with the national team. We also observe their hand-eye coordination, their reflexes, how good their hands are, their speed for the ball and their ability to throw deep and with the ball. We also observe these aspects and train youth to be at the peak of their abilities.”

From June 2, New Zealand will take on England in the first Test of the two-match series, before taking on India in the final of the World Test Championship. In comparison, India will play their first straight WTC final in England without any high-intensity Tests. Despite this, R Sridhar believes that less preparation can help India, as they will be mentally refreshed.

“I don’t think not having time for the game is a matter of concern. I think less preparation can work in our favor as our players will be more mentally prepared. It’s like playing with an injury. When you are injured You start focusing too much and are more alert than words go. Also, our players have been playing non-stop cricket for the last few months. It is unfortunate that the IPL had to be suspended. Sure the players are keeping themselves fit during this period of quarantine and will be fresh for the WTC finals,” Sridhar said.

India’s fielding coach also feels that the conclusion of WTC will be an equally contested game and revealed that India is taking it like any other sport.

“The World Test Championship final is a clash between two equally matched sides. Both the teams have played high quality cricket and I am sure the final in Southampton will be a very well contested one. As for our team, we will take it as just another game and prepare with the same intensity that we do for any other match.”

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