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WWDC 2021 is coming, and we know little about it


Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) taking place online June 7-11. It’s just over three weeks away. So what do we expect?

Known unknown

It’s interesting how little we think we know this year, but don’t let despair fool you. It could be a year where Apple lays the foundations for the next wave of new product launches.

Similarly, when Apple is silent, I am curious.

Migration state: The Mac

Apple recently introduced the new iMac. They are racing to be on top of speed charts, which delivers 37% gains in comparison to the Intel Core i7 and i9 models, making it a nemesis for HP and a good proposition for any enterprise looking to invest in new desktops.

But all is lost in mobile this season, so WWDC 2021 could see the introduction of a larger MacBook Pro running an M1 (or M2) chip? Perhaps Apple is also planning a larger iMac that runs on the chip? And how is a new display?

Since this announcement will follow just a year since the transition from rumor to reality, there’s a definite blow to making that case-and a chance to update developers on the progress towards the Mac Pro.

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