May 9, 2021


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He sees more staff changes on the WWE as he introduces Adam Pierce to the director of live events on stage.

In a new role, previously played by Michael Hayes, he oversees live events, bookings, and lineups.

Reported by PWInsider Is WWE Live events will begin this summer with more people.

Mickey James commented on her WWE release on Wednesday, saying the company was based on age and gender.

Following the April fighting, WWE moved ANHTN from Wednesday night to Tuesday night, making it no longer competitive with AEW Dynamite.

NXT is broadcast on the US network and is also available on the WWE network.

All the elite struggle It will continue on Wednesday to show the list of potential on TNT.

The new AEW will offer an expensive mix like Indie Thunder Rosa, Fictional legends such as Demo God Chris Jericho and Jim Jr. Ross, and upcoming stars Thai Contin, Jade Cargill, And Brit Baker.

Influential fans! Wrestling can now see their favorite stars, including current influence KNOCKOUTS champion Donna Pur Razozon on Thursday night at Wizch and ASX.

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  • WWE STAR XAVIER WOODS talks about Uppian University

    WWE Star Javier Woods did his best to find a job outside of his favorite ring.

    He created UpUpDown with other WWE stars to compete in video games, and have fun together.

    YouTube Channel now has over 2 million YouTube subscribers.

    Read Xavier Woods Sports Illustrated Interview over here.

  • WWE STAR DWW MCINTYRE to follow the actual chat event

    The former WWE Champion Dru Mackintore released a new book, The Chosen Destiny, next month.

    Waiting for the book to be released, McKinter May 4, 2021 is hosting a virtual discussion event.

    WWE Hall of Fame Hall of Fame and best-selling author Mick Foley will host the event.

    More info over here.

  • The former Wei star will get a new performance role this summer

    Daniel Moinet, fka Summer Raw has nailed a new frame stone to WWE’s cornerstone Global Management.

    CGM Encryption is a Fintech company that makes Moint the first female executive in a cryptocurrency-related company.

    Moinet He signed for WWE between 2013 and 2013 and has previously played in the “L” football league.

  • Former Wei star Kelly Kelly Pace in a water tank

    The formerWWE Star Kelly Kelly It has successfully shifted from struggle to fashion influence.

    She boasts millions of Instagram followers and shared a fascinating look at the app on Monday.

    Kelly Kelly is in a coral-colored bikini in fallfall te with the caption “ura ra vida”.

  • WRESTLEMANIA 37 offers a better tour of Tampa Bay, Florida

    When WWE Coming to your city usually means that the city is showing tourism and revenue growth.

    Wrestlemania This was the biggest event of the year, and fans of the 37th edition of Florida were delighted to receive it.

    The Tampa Bay Business Journal While the city was recovering, WWE was given a letter to promote tourism.

    Read the full article over here.

  • WWE STAR Carmela is the last guest on the Bella Twin Podcast

    The Bella’s twins They have their own podcasts and try to show off their beautiful guests.

    In the past, they had a co-founder, singers, actors and, of course, a partner WWE As stars Becky Lynch.

    This week’s untouchable caramel is on and she talks about the frustration in the women’s division, the recently released talent and more.

  • Sami Zine jokes about interfering in the battle of Logan Paul

    Sami Zine YouTuber and boxer Logan Paul were in the 37th corner of Wrestlemania.

    It has also been confirmed that Paul will face Floyd Mayweather this year.

    Ariel Helwani tweeted that he had invited Sami to stay away from Paul.

    The former Intercontinental champion replied: “I intend to run anyway.”

  • WWE STAR MVP provides up-to-date status for KNEE injury

    WWE Star MVP has been on TV, but has not struggled after a knee injury.

    While on WWE Spain, he gave fans an update about his knee: “… Better yet, he is not yet saved.

    We have been trying to recover from surgery.

    We will try one more procedure and if it still doesn’t work, I will need a small arthroscope surgery for the knee.

    But we will try another treatment first.

  • Alberto del Rio issues legal issues

    It was announced this week that Andrey’s post-WWE match will be joined by another former WWE star Alberto del Rio.

    Dell Rio will be arraigned next month on charges of assault and kidnapping.

    He spoke to Lucha Libre online about Hugo Savinovich.

  • WWE STAR Carmela addresses a lack of focus on women

    WWE Star Carmel joins The Bella’s twins On the podcast this week.

    She talked about the lack of women in particular RAW And a general lack of focus in the women’s division.

    She said: “I used to sit at home watching RAW and it was about 10 hours before I saw a woman on the show.

    She went on to say that the little girls in the house were waiting for the women to come.

    Listen to the whole episode over here.

  • Adam’s Peace Reserve grows

    WWE introduces Adam Pierce as director of live events and makes further stage changes.

    According to reports, the company will try to meet with the public again in July.

    The responsibilities of the new venue include tour creation, alignment and event management.

    WWE legend Michael Hayes has played this role before.

    Pearse continues to work as a producer.

  • Double MCINTY continues to quarrel with Tyson FURY on Twitter

    Tyson Fury and WWEA.D. Dr Macintosh They were going back and forth on Twitter.

    On Wednesday morning, the boxer called McIntyre and posted a video on his Twitter account saying he could fight “anytime, anywhere.”

    The former WWE champion responded with a photo of Amazon’s best-selling book, the No.3 book, and McKinter’s book number one and two.

    “You will always be in my shadow.”

  • WWE announces release date for WWE ICONS: Rob Van Dam

    WWE The famous hall Rob Van Dam It is one of the most creative struggles in history.

    It is the subject of the new WWE Icons documentary series.

    WWE Network announces release date for Doc on Twitter: May 16 on Peacock and WWE Network.

  • Molly Holly had a relationship with Wewe Boss Vincent Mammoth

    WWE The famous hall Molly Holly She recently appeared with Sean Waltman to discuss her work on Podcast Pro Struggle 4 Life.

    Signed by WWWE She said she had only once spoken to WWE boss Vinson McMahun, from 2002-2007.

    On the show, he said: “The only conversation I had with Vison all my life was when I asked to be released before my contract.

    Listen to the whole episode over here.

  • Naomi and Lane learned Japanese from Asuka

    WWE Stars Naomi and Lana are currently part of the tag team, and Asuka joined them in a six-woman singles match last Monday. RAW.

    She is also behind the scenes of Naomi and Lana’s entertaining Titic videos.

    Naomi learned Japanese and posted it on Instagram for Asuka on Thursday.

  • He wanted to be a Charlotte Flyer project before leaving Chelsea Green

    Chelsea Green Released WWE He has been busy since the beginning of this month and since then.

    When she appeared on the YouTube channel, she described her experience in the company.

    Charlotte Flyer stated that she had plans to become a green guard.

    Watch the full interview below:

  • Linn May 12 was released for the Awai Dynamite edition

    IWGP US champion John Mokley defeated New Japan Probation Hero Yuji Nagata MEIAD Dynamite.

    The high-stakes match will take place on May 12, and next week’s dynamite will be a blood and bowel issue.

  • AEW STAR AUSTUN UNNUN runs Luz Tez Press

    MEIAD Star Austin Gun performed one of these WWE Legend has it that the cold-blooded signature of the stone moves on the dynamite.

    Gun took to Twitter to ask about the Family Hall.

    Austin replied in one of his catchy phrases, “Hell, yes!”

  • Brian Stowman makes history on WWE RAW

    WWE Star Brown Stroman He made history this past Monday night RAW.

    On the same night, he became the first star to appear on television with a single, a tag team and a disability match.

    And this goes to the @WWEstats Twitter account for WWE, WCW and ECW Ccording.

  • Comments by Maria Canalis on WWE

    Maria Canalis was released from prison WWEWith her husband in 2020

    She has since emphasized that she will be a member of the Honorary Board of Directors and will appreciate their products.

    on the Wrestling Inc Podcast, She said, and WWE’s comments on Mickey James, Anderder, The IIconics and Chelsea Green in ROH

  • WWE NXT APRIL 27, 2021 Rated

    WWE NXT viewership has been down since last week.

    According to the Show Daily Daily Tuesday episode 744,000.

    That’s less than last week’s 841,000, and last week’s show aired on Tuesday night, with 805,000 appearing for the first time.


    May 5 episode MEIAD Dynamite It is a blood and intestinal edition.

    The following matches are known

    Britt Baker in our TBA

    Kenny Omega and Michael Nakazawa with John Mokley and Eddie Kingston

    Cody Rhodes in our QT Marshall

    SoCal Uncensored by Jurassic Express by Varsity Blonds

  • Nikki Bella responded by asking if she was willing to help her family AC

    Nikki and Brie Bella have a lot of business and sometimes it makes them travel.

    Nicki talks about her break-up with her fiancé Artemis and son-in-law Matthew about the holiday in her podcast:

    They don’t realize it’s for business and it’s one day. I’ll be back there.

    I can’t bring my family to the country for a few days and I can’t find the Eastern Standard Time when it is Pacific Standard Time […] I am thinking of these people too [commenting] They are not parents. ”

    Listen to the episode over here.

  • Triple H will spend millions of dollars selling WWE Stoke

    Wednesday WWE Tribe H44,000 announced the sale of the company’s shares.

    According to the document, the former world champion earned $ 2 million in sales.

    He and his wife sold the company’s chief executive officer, Stephanie McMahan, in February.

  • AEW DYNAMITE April 28, 2021 Results

    MEIAD Payment to blood and intestines: It is a visual event

    Brian Cage threshold. Hangman Page

    Young Bucks def. Matt and Mike Siddhartha

    Orange Cassidy Duff. Penta El Zero M

    An inner circle in front of us in front of us with blood and gore in front of us

    Eddie Kingston and John Mokley attack Kenny Omega

    Kris Statlander def. Penelope Ford

    The threshold of the factory. The family of the mare

    Derby Ali Duff. 10 – AEW TNT Championship