May 6, 2021


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WWE Wrestling Updates LIVE – RAW was announced on Monday night by Eva Marie’s return to WWE

Eva Marie returned to WWE after being ridiculed by RAW on Monday night.

During the show, the company released a promotional video of Marie wearing black leather and pink hair on top of a car.

Fighting and fitness influences are rumored to be returning to the WWE for more than a year.

In the clip she asks, “Do I have your attention now?” With fans eager to see the return of “All Red All” starring Total Divas.

Meanwhile, Daniel Bryan moved to the Aluminum section on the WWE’s official website after missing an impressive performance with the Roman Empire on Friday night, resulting in a ban from SmackDown.

Following the April Fights, WWE moved from ANE to Wednesday night to Tuesday night, and can no longer compete with the EEN dynasty.

NXT is broadcast on the US network and is also available on the WWE network.
All the elite struggle It will continue on Wednesday to show the list of potential on TNT.

The new AEW will offer an expensive mix like Indie Thunder Rosa, Wrestling legends such as Chris Jericho and Jim Jr. Ross, as well as upcoming stars Thai Contin, Jade Cargill, And Brit Baker.

Influential fans! Reckling can now see their favorite stars, including the KNOCKOUTS champion Dino and Pur, Thursday night at Wise and on XSVV.

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  • Why wasn’t the key Patrick on WWE RAW?

    Kaila Braxton appeared on WWE Raw this week rather than Kevin Patrick.

    The reason is that his wife, Meg, gave birth to their daughter, Mickey Rose Egan.

    The broadcaster shared his excitement on Twitter, saying: “He will never stop smiling.”

  • Aww has unveiled a new advertising post for ‘Blood and Strangers’

    MEIAD is hosting a special edition of the MEIAD Dynamite on Wednesday.

    On Instagram Monday, the struggle company shared a promotional poster to promote the event.

  • Former WWE star Maria Canellis talks about Stephen Mahamon and the women’s struggle

    Maria Canellis talks about how she was on the board of directors of the Ring of Honor WWE Hosts female treatment.

    WWE boss Stephen McMahan seems to have a strong position and thinks Canalis should work harder for women.

    Watch the full interview below:

  • Chelsea and Green share another snippet of the lonely Gurles photo

    The formerWWE Star Chelsea Green is known for her love of beautiful bathing suits.

    She is lying in bed in a white bathing suit, according to a recent photo by Gorles.

  • WWE LEGEND Jeff Hardy fans show trends on Twitter after repeated naming

    WWE Legendary Jeff Hardy made his debut in the late 1990s but is still popular.

    Now signed to WWE, he shows no sign of quitting.

    “Who grew up with your favorite fighter?” He asks.

    Many fans responded, and Jeff Hardy made it a trend on Twitter.


    WWE Star Sonia Deville Dressed in white in the new photo shoot.

    Davel, for all 1 million Instagram followers, shot her in a white robe.

    She shared the moment with the caption, “The Best You’ve Ever Had.”

  • WWE STAR DANA BROOKE WOWS On Instagram Wearing Black Skin

    WWE Star Dana Banda It has millions of followers across social media.

    She impressed an Instagram follower on Monday when she posted a heartfelt congratulations on a piece of black leather, a piece and a heel.

  • Starts has unveiled an official trailer for the controversial new show

    A new show focusing on the start of the fight at Starts in August.

    The show is called, Heel means the bad guy in the wrestling business.

    The first official announcement is here

  • Eva Marie’s return was cast on WWE RAW

    There are rumors that Eva Marie may be back WWE.

    On Monday night, RAW played a promotional video of Eva Marie in a red car in black leather.

    At the end, it said, “Eva-Lasu is here.”

  • CARDI B praises WWE stars for her song

    WWE He made it clear that they wanted to work together Cardy B in the future.

    One of Cardi B’s fans watched the video, saying, “Cardy kept WWE at the end of the day.

    Fans are delighted to see Grami’s winner re-posted:

  • The WWE Hall of Fame, which begins in the New Horror movie

    WWE Legendary Lita likes to have a low profile when she is not in the ring.

    However, the famous Hall of Fame He was filmed in the 2019 horror film “He Needs Blood”

    The film also stars Eric Roberts, and here is a summary of the film:

    When two giant monsters compete for seats in the Senate, they are forced to fight in the political arena. But the unsuspecting people really don’t realize that every race has its own creatures, incompetent, big breasts, screaming women and charitable theft priests. The political catastrophe has never published two giant bullets fighting to the death… So far! Cute babies feed on a blood-sucking animal, and when they eat from a pile of meat, the cats will be on the edge of your seat!

  • Former Wei star Santono WWE wants to take his daughter’s ad

    The former WWE Star Santino was a proud father on Twitter on Sunday morning.

    He shared a photo of the girl’s Twitter message: “Hi @TripleH & @StephMcMahon Remember my little girl @CarelliBianca?

    “Well, she’s a woman now and she’s been trained to be a star in general since day one! Her biology degree is completed this summer, then she’s ready to turn her time around!”

  • Former WWE star Daniel Monit will have some great bikini moments in Tokyo

    Daniel Moinet, also known as Summer Ray WWE He has legs for days.

    She is not afraid to show off her amazing body on social media.


  • WWE STAR ALI warns Risks to go into hiding

    WWE Stars Ali and Ricochet always have five star matches together.

    And now, they meet again at the WWE main event, and both try to promote the match as much as possible.

    Ali posted match highlights on Twitter and told Ricochet, “Go and hide.”

  • After my mother left, Wewe sent comfort to Maria Mennonus

    Maria Menonos is a passionate wrestler and participates WWE In many cases.

    Sadly, Mennonus attended her mother’s death on Sunday, May 2.

    WWE took to Twitter to send their condolences to the bereaved TV host

  • WWE VETERAN Natalia Nidahart New Colum is Out!

    WWE Star Natalia Nehart He is a great fighter but also loves to write.

    In the Calgary Sun, she actually has a column called Sharsho Shotter, and this week the former champion looks at how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

    Read the full column over here.

  • WWE LEGEND MICKIE JAMES SHARES Pictures from New Photo

    The formerWWE Star Mickey James In addition to being a fighter, he is also a singer.

    James shared a funny picture of your latest promotional photo on Instagram.

    The captions read:

    “Bring all the sass !!! Thank you @John Broopegraphy these are all 🔥 !!! You guys just wait !! So stick! 💋”

  • Mizu holds a TWITTER and encourages a new MR

    Mizu took to Twitter on Monday to promote his new show.

    The show aired on American Network after RAW as a fight, followed by Marisi’s husband and father to his two young daughters.

  • WWE STAR DWW MCINTYRE promotes its new book on TWITTER

    WWE Star Dr Macintosh He is preparing to launch his first book, A Chosen Destiny.

    The book launches on May 5 and is hosting the book’s signature on the same day.

    The former WWE champion took to Twitter to promote the book:

  • Chelsea Greens sent the wrong staff from Wow to the trash

    The formerWWE Star Chelsea Green After her release on April 15, she spoke out about her time in the organization.

    In the last part of her podcast, she discusses 50 shades of green, #Trash Baggage.

    She, like Mickey James, has been shipped from WWE to the Trash unless it’s hers.

    Instead, she said that Natalia Neihart had sent the most expensive items, but urged the WWE to handle the situation.

    Listen to the whole episode over here.

  • Former UFC star PANS POSTS sad to enter from BIKINI.

    EX-UFC star Pigeon Vanzant continues to promote her fan registration site on Instagram.

    Dressed in an orange tone bikini and carrying a jump rope, she shared two traps on Monday.

  • WWE STAR SONYA DEVILLE shows Abyss on Instagram

    WWE Star Sonia Deville She currently has a role to play on television, but that does not mean she is still in poor health.

    Davy posted a clip showing her belly to 1 million Instagram followers, and her favorite puppy in the gym.

  • Wearing a boat at WWE STAR MANDY ROW LUNUNGES

    WWE Star Mandy Rose It is sunset on weekends.

    On Saturday, she wore an orange bikini hanging from the boat and immediately covered herself.

    She shared snaps with the caption, “He has never been a skilled sailor.”

  • Former Way Star Show sports talk about Iox signing to Iowa

    Currently signed by Shawn Spar MEIAD, Has a close relationship with IIconics.

    He is married to Cassie Lee, formerly known as Piton Royce and IIconics, and is out of work.

    When viewed Struggle speech, The two ladies were asked about the signing of an agreement with AEPR.

    He said, “Such questions are a little higher than my salary.

    Being partisan and openly selfish, I really think those two women have amazing abilities individually, but they are more than a moon together.

    Watch the full interview over here.


    Jim Cornett is a fighter and historian who raises his voice in criticism MEIAD Product

    Matt Hardy responded to a Twitter user who asked if he had a problem with the hard-core issue of AEW.

    The former tag team champion responded, quickly and moving forward with Cornet.

    Rabbi Hardy even went in to support her husband: