You can save [SPOILER] Am Far Cry 6?

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Far Cry 6’s story sets players against Yara’s troubled dictator, and a death at its end guarantees that they understand the costs of rebellion and freedom.

[Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Far Cry 6.]

Diego Castillo is a prominent character in Far Cry 6 and a catalyst for Dani Rojas’ rebellion movement, but he suffers a tragic fate at the main end of the game. Promotional material portrays Diego as a manipulated victim, and his behavior throughout the game campaign confirms his unwillingness to participate in his father’s dictatorship. Nevertheless, he meets his death towards the end of the game, and there is nothing the players can do to save Diego – at least not in Far Cry 6er right conclusion.

When Diego’s father, Anton Castillo, was diagnosed with terminal leukemia, Anton and his wife, Maria, received Diego in an attempt to carry on the dictator’s dreams. Far Cry 6er fictional Land Yara. He now tries to give as much “wisdom” as possible to Diego in the time he has left, and his deteriorating health and mental condition force him to show little mercy towards Diego. As a young teenager, Diego’s spirit is impressive, but he still understands the many injustices his father committed.

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Far Cry 6er Haapt Enn sees Diego die in his father’s hands with one last lesson – that death is the only guarantee in life – because Anton does not want to trust Dani to protect Diego from the guerrillas. Unfortunately, his death is unavoidable if the players follow the planned path for Dani. No player choice along the way can save Diego from a tense, final confrontation that ends with a bullet in his chest. Players can choose to stop playing with Far Cry 6er secret early end, but that does not save him from the influence of his father.

Diego Castillo Can Survive Far Cry 6, But He Can’t Be Saved

Far Cry 6 Anton Castillo & Diego

In the end, Dani flies Yara aboard Clara Garcia’s boat and flees to the United States. While lying on a beach, players hear a radio station announcing that the rebellion has been defeated in Yara, and the leader of the Libertad, Clara, is dead. Anton reigns again as the undisputed leader of Yara. Diego only meets his unstable death am Far Cry 6er right conclusion because of Anton’s desire to free him from the consequences of the victory of the rebels. Without the Libertad threatens to kill the government, Diego presumably survives, and Anton can continue to shape his mind and create the perfect heir to Yara.

Diego may be the tragic character in it Far Cry 6, not for the losses he suffered, but for the imprisonment he suffered. All over Far Cry 6, Diego shows disgust, fear, hatred and sadness vis-à-vis his father, but the unfortunate truth of Yara is that not everyone can be saved, even the most innocent. Despite Diego’s good heart, Anton consistently tried to oust Diego for a “go”Love“and continues a bloody inheritance he never wanted. While Dani leaves Yara Anton’s reign, guarantees Diego survives, there is no way to save him from being corrupted by his father’s teachings.

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