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Your thoughts on getting the kids out of school on time for the family vacation


Taking kids out of school for family vacations is usually a controversial topic.

Many say there’s nothing wrong with missing a few days while struggling to achieve school attendance goals.

When we asked readers of Grimsby Live and Scunthorpe Live whether the rules should be changed to allow this, we expected fairly strong opinions from both sides.

However, everyone weighing in on social media — including a former headmaster — is unanimous in their view that term-time vacations are fine.

You all argued that the benefit for the child was much more than the cost of missing a few days’ Education Thanks for the new experiences.

Taking children on vacation during school breaks – the most expensive time of the year – was not even affordable for many families.

After the tough year we went through, you told us that family vacations were more precious than ever.

Vacations can be so expensive during school holidays that it is often cheaper to go during term time.

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Phil Austen-Jones said: “As a former elementary headmaster, absolutely yes, if it’s for a main family holiday. It used to be but schools have to bend the rules to avoid punishment for attendance figures. was encouraged.

“Suddenly, a day trip to Legoland, the third holiday of the year, etc., were all allowed within ten days.

“Vacations provide so much experience that cannot be gained in school. As a rule they cost a lot of families.”

Joan Barnes said: “Absolutely, 100 percent we need family time with our kids. I work seasonally and I’m not allowed half-way breaks in the summer. My son needs that family contact and it’s my fault. is not.

Some argue that missed days can be detrimental to a child’s education – but you realized there was more benefit to going away as a family.

“I booked a week before half-term this year and it’s silly prices, I’ll go into debt and probably get fined but I don’t care any more, we need this time as a family, Terrible year for everyone.”

Roger Damm suggested: “How about getting rid of school holidays in all comprehensive schools, and give all kids 28 days off and bank holidays like in the real world of employment?

“Then they can book time off for the holidays like their parents have to do.”

Others pointed out how important the holidays were to the children’s well-being.

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Jennifer Leggett said: “I think a week or two of vacation a year with your family is important and memorable.

“I know a lot of school time is missed because of covidBut unfortunately a lot of things have gone wrong with Covid.

Elaine Rauhoft said: “We always went on vacation during school hours because my dad was a seasonal coach driver in Blackpool.

“It didn’t really hurt any of us. Two of us became teachers, one wrote a best-selling book, and the other three did well for themselves.”

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